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    Michigan Vipers - Did your registration double in price???

    Sorry no not with a personal plate. Historic plates have to be generic. For the price, I gave up on getting a personalized plate. $30 and the registration lasts 10 years, that’s $3 a year. And if you are going to keep the car forever, buy an “authentic” plate from the year of your car (needs to...
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    Michigan Vipers - Did your registration double in price???

    Not sure, I just got my car, and as a 93, I registered it as a historic vehicle, $30 registration fee, good for 10 years. As soon as your car hits 25 years old, I'd recommend it. Has some restrictions on when you can drive it, but nothing too big (technically only drive it to/from club events...
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    Fuel leak out the filler neck when autocrossing

    Before I jumped into diagnosis, I figured I'd ask the audience if this is a common issue. While autocrossing my 93 RT/10 for the first time yesterday, I noticed a fuel smell. I noticed evidence of it on the side of the car coming from the fuel filler. I opened the fuel door and there was...
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    Michigan Viper Owners - Paint Shop / Paint Correction Recommendation

    I’m another local new Viper owner. Bought a 93 a month ago from Iowa. I’ll send you guys a note with my number.

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