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  1. John D

    Aftermarket exhaust question

    I'm looking for some feedback about exhaust options. I'm pretty happy with the exhaust sound on my 2005. It has a nice rumble and burbles and pops when decelerating. what I would like is a cooler temperature in the car. If the car sounds a bit louder that's a bonus. From experience, have...
  2. John D

    New owner looking for tires

    I am very happy to say that I have just joined the ranks and picked up a 2005 Viper with only 5,000kms (I'm in Canada, that's only 3,100 miles). The car is in great shape, but the tires are original so I need to change them. I have tried my tire suppliers that I use for my business with no...
  3. John D

    Help finding article

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a link to an article about torque vs. horsepower? I came across it on this board quite a while ago and have since lost it on my computer. As I recall, there was a link to a discussion about torque using corvette (sorry, not viper) engines. If...
  4. John D

    anyone know when vipers will be on speedvision?

    I remember seeing a while ago a post about some Vipers being featured on speedvision. The program was American Muscle Car, I believe, but I do not remember the time. If anyone knows, please post or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks
  5. John D

    Color vote 2001

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your viper is in D status, you most likely can't change the color at this point. Whatever was originally ordered is going to be what you get. But look at it this way: whatever color you get, you'll have the best looking and performing car on the road.
  6. John D

    ACR Question

    I work for a Dodge dealership in Kingston, Ontario and have a customer looking for a Viper. I was wondering if someone could help with a question or 2. They are about the ACR package. I know it gives you an adjustable suspension, BBS wheels, Five point harnesses... My questions are: 1...
  7. John D

    Pressure Washer?

    For best results when washing your cars, do pressure washers work better than just a nozzle on a garden hose? Also, does anybody know what the maximum safe pressure is for paint? I wouldn't want to use a pressure washer and spray the paint off.

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