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    Motor mounts.

    I did my motor and trans mounts last night, the way I did it was a little different, the bracket that is bolted to the motor looked like a pain in the **** to remove so I used a 3/4 inch box wrench and removed the top bolt on the mount that bolts to the bracket, yes it is tight but I was going...
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    MICHELIN Pilot sports

    Just acquired 4 Michelin Pilot sports 2 335-30-18s 2 275-35-18s I think thats a popular size, they look almost new very low miles, I want to sell them, Hows 500 bucks sound for all four. This is for NJ people only, I am not shipping these monsters, you pick them up from my shop or house.:usa:
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    The right push rods

    Hopefully someone knows the answer to this, in a gen 2 motor if you go to TD roller rockers do you need to change the push rods. I know 2 people that used the stock push rods with the TD rockers and everything has been fine. On my gen 2 I put in new ones, but I have to say they were the same...
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    I just read the last post from Nsane1 about the magazines, and I feel ashamed, I think everyone forgets how hard the VCA guys work to run this club, I sure could not do it. I have been in this club since it first started and always took for granted how good it is, yes there has been some tough...

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