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    Anyone going to summit this weekend?

    I maybe headed out Saturday
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    Has ESC been a success in avoiding deer?

    *knock on wood* There has been a distinct lack of "crashed viper" pics/stories since the car went into production (sans the SRT engineer that hit the guard rail in a preproduction model). Granted, only 500 moved off show room floors to date... (I've counted 3 crashed C7's on corvetteforum in...
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    Could the radar detector pigtail be used for a dash cam?

    Please ignore my ignorance. I am interested in installing a dash cam and would like to leverage whatever I can that is already built in. Any ideas?
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    Minor issues fixed by dealer

    Just want to share for other Gen V owners. Overall the car has been fantastic. I had an issue where the ESC light would randomly pop on while driving. The carpet on the passenger side pulled out a bit by the sill. I've also had a "Malfunction" light for the rear shift gate come on about 4...
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    Any recommendations for anodizing the gas cap?

    Since my car is white and almost everything else is black/matte black, I want to get the gas cap anodized over winter. Any recommendations? Use someone local? Any tried and trusted folks?
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    The tire pressure system is, oddly, a great feature

    Depending on outside temp, starts off around 29/30. But, the hidden secret is, it tells you when your tires are warmed up enough! When it settles around 34, you have a good indication they are warm enough for fun.
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    Pics of the Viper in front of the biggest collection of snakes on *Earth*

    Drove into DC this morning and tried to snap a few pics. I need to work on my DSLRs settings, no real winners out of them all. But, I did get pulled over in front of the White House for an illegal u-turn in the middle of the street by the United States Secret Service (honestly, I didn't see...
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    Attention getter

    Stopped by the local C&C today, did so the first weekend I got the car nearly two months ago. I think the only car with more gawkers was the F40 that was there (drool) Also finally got the car tinted today. Stupid VA only allows 50% on the sides, so thats what I went with. Looks much...
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    Any new to Viper, Gen V owners looking to pickup an older one now?

    Out of curiosity. Pondering the idea of a Gen II, it was the iconic car that got me into cars. Would be fun to have for the occasional drive, IMHO. Not right away, but perhaps a year or two.
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    Did the ultimate no-no yesterday, let someone drive my Viper without me in it

    But, I got to chase him in this Lord, what a thrilling car. It is just crazy to drive something that accelerates endlessly. The shifting is flawless. The suspension is unreal - but I'd classify it more as driving a LS460 than anything, it was so smooth. I can see why it eats up anything...
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    Designing the composite hood Good write up on challenges of the new clamshell
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    Nice touch from SRT

    I took my car in for a 1400 mile oil change (first). I am also getting the front right headlight replaced and the passenger carpet replaced as it kept pulling out from under the sill. (two minor annoyances, they have to replace the ENTIRE headlamp for a single burt out LED!) Also had the...
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    Had to ruin my car today :'(

    Terrible VA and their terrible front plate law. I'd gladly pay a fee to not have to display it... I'd go without it, but for those not in the know, VA cops have nothing better to do than ticket people for insane things in Northern VA. Though, the mounting bracket you have to drill into the...
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    I am a brave man

    I taught my wife how to give the car a go tonight in a nice large empty parking lot. Never driven a manual before, and we don't have access to another really. She only stalled twice :( - her biggest issue was just not giving more gas once she started easing up the clutch. No burnt clutch...
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    Check your "angel eye" LEDs

    Was at a party this weekend and someone pointed out one of the LED lights were out. I would have never noticed.
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    Matte wheels and chrome badges? I think not!

    After washing, claying, and sealing the paint I decided to mess around with the badges on the side of the car. The only chrome on the cars are the badges on the front fenders. I will probably end up removing them, but wanted to see what they look liked in a black finish. Before...
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    Initial thoughts on the car - 200 miles

    Jack B gave a much more useful one! I figured I'd throw my first impression out there, as I am sure over time it will change a bit. I apologize for this wall of text. I ordered: White SRT, Packages: Infotainment, Leather, Matte Rattler Wheels I'll preface this by saying: This is the first...
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    How do you get MPH in the center gauges?

    I can't get it to appear, any one have any ideas? Only gives the options to set MPH/KPH, but - uh won't display!
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    Well, hello beautiful

    Just took it around the block (I have a damned 900 phone meeting) - love it. Thanks to Bernie at Tomball for being so helpful in getting this. I originally canceled my order and he contacted me when it came in and let me know if I was still interested...
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    If you have a new Viper, get on Twitter

    I strongly urge anyone who doesn't have a twitter to get on it. SRT and Ralph both love the platform and use it extensively. The benefit to you will be, any issues you run into the the car, you can quickly communicate up the chain. SRT uses Twitter to its advantage for marketing, you'll want...
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    What other tires can fit on the Gen V?

    With the rears being 355, there are only two sets of tires out there that fit. Are 345's safe to run on the car? I assume as the year progresses more will become available, but also price is a bit - uh high at the moment.
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    Changed my mind in the end - I canceled my order last month. Bernie emailed me yesterday and told me it came in, let me have it if I wanted... Should be delivered Tuesday (I'll actually be out of town LOL) SRT White Leather Seats Infotainment Matte Rattler Wheels
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    No real SRT models built?

    Just browsing the usual sites, seems like all dealers ordered were custom GTS models. I've yet to see a single SRT (other than LE reds) offered for sale...
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    Friends & Family Price: $285,440

    Black GTS for sale near me in Dulles VA. +$150,000 ADM I "instant chatted" the dealer "highest offer gets it!" - yeah, you don't get it, buddy. Awesome job, SRT. My frustration grows.
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    Is there going to be a second wave of 13s?

    From what I recall, there were to be two groups of 800 cars built. With where production is now and the 14's to be started in August (correct?) - is there time in the year to build 800 more 13s? Will the 13 year just be the initial 800? Just curious...

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