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    Michigan Vipers - Did your registration double in price???

    Not in Michigan, but thought I would chime in if similar. My state will typically make you pay the missing year with an additional late fee; however, if you provide proof of storage during that time then both the last year registration cost and fee would be removed.
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    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    Appreciate the responses! I'll check around town to see if who else may be capable of doing the alignment. I'm willing to pay more at Woodhouse as I know they have done a ton of these and have decades of experience, but triple might be a bit much! They did quote it as a 4+ hour job. Have also...
  3. J

    Gen II power steering pulley.

    Thanks for the quick responses and good idea on the tool loan! I do have a pulley puller, but probably not the right bolt/nut combo to get it back on. I did this many years ago on a supercharger pulley, so bringing back memories. Will go ahead and pick up the ipsco bracket and cardone pulley.
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    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    Hey everyone, looking to get my gen 2 gts aligned and am luckily near Woodhouse in Nebraska. They have a Viper tech and trust their knowledge; however, have been quoted $600 for a 4 wheel alignment (I am replacing all tie rod ends, so need the alignment). This price seems insane to me, but...
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    Gen II power steering pulley.

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I noticed that the steel pulley from rockauto is a press fit while the billet option from IPSCO is taper lock. Was it difficult getting the press fit pulley on? Did you have to heat it? I would rather retain the stock look with the black pulley if possible...

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