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    Club members Viper was jn Michigan so he brought his OTV to meeting last night....

    ..we let him park with us anyway!!!:) I really enjoyed the first hand accounts of what 1000 HP care can do! WE had a great turnout in a great location to celebrate the retirement of our Region Secretary and Treasurer. Here is another shot at the end of the evening when most of the...
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    Seize the moment....impromptu Viper Drive

    John and I hooked up for lunch and as neither one us had prior commitments fpr the afternoon, we headed for the hills. I wanted show John one of the driving routes that I had planned for an event last year but was rained out. The weather is fabulous for this time of year ( in the 70's) and...
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    Dodge Viper stretches out on the Nürburgring: Autoweek TV

    Nice video of ACR-X at the Ring! Apologies if this is a repost.
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    Pictures from Auto Vino, our first meeting of 2012

    The Northern California chapter kicked off the new year in a terrific place, Auto Vino. Auto Vino is a unique place where they combine two passions under one roof, the love of cars and of wine. Here are some pictures of the cars stored there. Only one viper....
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    How NOT to wash your Viper!

    This might be a repost! Anyone know the story?
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    I have learned my lesson....another Power Steering Pulley Story!

    3 months ago, my power steering pulley failed. Luckily, I was close to home, but I still had to get it towed (two hours wasted). I know common wisdom on this forum is the plastic is at best useless and billet is the way to go. Since I wanted to get the car back on the road quickly, I opted for...
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    Curious, What happens when...

    you engage and disengage your alarm system? Does the horn sound or do the lights flash? I had diner with Maurice last night. We both had our 96 GTS's. After dinner, when we getting ready to leave, we both pushed the alarm buttons at the same time. His car lights flashed twice, no horn. My car...
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    Not a happy Camper....

    My driver side door spring/detent hasn't worked for some time. Tonight when I was opening the door, it popped and then swung open with a crack. I was trying to figure out what caused it, then I saw the front of my door. Upon opening the door, the spring broke into 2 pieces. One of them...
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    A big Thumbs Up to Toddy Gomez and Bad Boyz Garage

    Who said Customer Service is dead. It is alive and well at Bad Boyz Garage! Toddy Gomez really delivers! You will be hard pressed to find anyone as passionate and meticulous about what they do as Toddy. He is the only one I have every left my car (and key) with and felt 100% comfortable...
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    Re-Invigorating Dodge- Auto Week

    Has anyone here seen the AutoWeek supplemental publication, Re-Invigorating Dodge! If you are not an Autoweek subscriber and a ********* Mopar fan it is worth heading down to you local magazine rack to pick up a copy. It is approximately 20 pages of the latest and greatest from Dodge. The...
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    What happend to the monthly VCA prize giveaway?

    I did a quick search and it appears that June of last year was the last time a prize was awarded. What happened?:dunno:
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    I must be missing something...trying to remove the diff!

    As the title says, I am removing the diff for rebuild and I am stuck trying to break loose the 4 mounting bolts for the diff. I have used all the usual tricks, PB blaster, longer lever on the wrench, broke a rachet. etc and can not get it loose. Yeah, I am going in the right direction. I...
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    Happy Birthday Maurice Liang!

    Happy Birthday Maurice....I hope that you have a great day!
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    From Oil Change to Nightmare....Viper Crashed by a Dealership

    I wonder how many horror stories there are of dealership employee's wrecking Vipers when needlessly driving the car off of the lot for service that does not require a test drive? I know of several reported by members on this site, but has anyone made a list? Here is one I stumbled across...
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    Road Course Resource

    This is neat little link of US Racing Facilities, past and present. Road Courses
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    Springless Valvetrain.

    Has anyone tried this in any of their cars? Springless Valvetrain for pushrod and OHC engines. Claim to boost HP by 10-40% by reducing parasitic loss. Decuir Engine Technologies, LLC Video Link: DET
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    Last day to sign up for the New Years Day Anti-Football Rally

    This is not a VCA sponsored event, but it is a lot of fun! Today is the last day to sign up! It is open to vintage vehicles 25 years and older. However, Martin allowed me to take the Viper last year as it captures the spirit of the Daytona.... It starts off in Sausalito and covers about 150...
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    Another Gen 2 Dead Water Pump

    Chuck was right! He told me that he is seeing more and more failed water pumps in all of the GEN 2's not just the magic 2002(?) model year. My car has been running progressively hotter since last year. When it used to keep the needle dead on the center marker of the temp gauge, it now, would...
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    Side sill insulation came unglued....

    Looking for a recommendation for reattaching insulation to the side sill. I am installing Roe High Flow Cats and when I removed the passenger side sill, I found the insulation was no longer attached. The adhesive looked like some type of epoxy. It had separated from the insulation and side...
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    NorCal 2010 Holiday Pary

    2010 Holiday Party November 20th Register By: November 13th Time: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 6 PM Cost: $85/person (Includes dinner, tax, and tip) Location: Ondine Restaurant, Sausalito, CA The San Francisco skyline. It’s a breathtaking view. Tourists come from all over the world to...
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    Free BBQ and Mopar Car Show at Nomandin's in San Jose

    Dear Viper Club of America members, You’re invited to a FREE Mopar Car Show & BBQ at Normandin Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, There’ll be: o A Mopar car show o Raffle prizes o Tech Sessions o Test Drives o BBQ Lunch o Goodie Bags and more! This event replaces our October monthly meeting...
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    Decimal point in the wrong place!

    Ebay listing for a 1/43 scale PTH Viper GTS. Seller claims the item is in mint condition and the picture shows the rear tire split. Item number 390017391457 You can have it for you very own for a mere $169....... What is the seller smoking??
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    NOR-CAL Viper Club August Meeting Reminder

    August's Viper Meeting final reminder, please sign up ASAP if you plan to attend Tuesday's meeting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Greetings Viper Club Members! You're invited to join us at our Viper Club's monthly dinner meeting on Tuesday, August...
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    Weird thing happened to me yesterday!

    I drove my car to work thru a slower than normal rush hour traffic. Parked the car and all was well. Went into the office and 10 minutes later I get a call from one of my co-workers that I have a huge coolant lake under my car. Oh Joy! I go outside and find that a large portion of the fluid is...
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    ****** whinning, Help!

    Ok all you experts out there. Over the last week my ****** has started to make some noise. Sometimes louder than others but last night at 70mph in 6th gear ~1500 RPM, the ****** was louder than the exhaust. The noise is a speed related whirring that does not change with clutch in or out...