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    Viper values going up

    Nice presentation by Hagerty a few weeks ago for those interested:
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    Best Gen1 Top-Window Combination?

    The hardtop appears to be from Mopar. The windows are definitely aftermarket, as Mike said. I believe those were manufactured by Northwind Engineering
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    What is this 2017 Viper ACR accessory?

    It is a watch protector. They were given out at the plant during factory deliveries along with belt buckle protectors and ring protectors. Very nice touch by Dodge
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    Viper stuff / worth?

    Sent you a PM
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    first autoart purchased

    Hey Mark, 26 is impressive! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that would be all that AutoArt produced. 14 GTS-Rs, 4 Competition Coupes, 2 SRT-10 coupes, and 6 SRT-10 convertibles (3 "prototypes" with the older engine and 3 with the newer engine). Am I missing any?
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    Insane,bad and radical 1/18 inside....

    Hi Chris! I will also buy every Viper AutoArt will put out. Would be great to see them produce a high quality 2013 model.
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    2010 production #'s...Again

    I think this is what you're looking for:
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    No problem. The best way to post pictures is to upload them to your gallery here first. MoparBoy wrote this great how-to: 1 – When signed into your forum account, click on Media Gallery located in the center of the Directional information bar at the top of the page. 2 – Click on Upload...
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    Was built by a German builder who had done some custom work on the older AutoArt GTS-Rs. The cost for the customization was about $300 plus the cost of the model and shipping. That included paint, interior detailing, extensive changes on the hood, and fabrication of the wing and rear splitter...
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    Some pics of Roys one off paint scheme taken at Chuck Tators

    I believe the paint scheme is based on the GTS-Rs running in ALMS, which have red mirrors.
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    Here is a 1:18 I had custom made from the Maisto 2013 GTS:
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    Calling all sapphire bules

    A couple from a shoot I did this weekend:
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    Pocono Area Car Cruise - Moore Twp, Pa - Sept 21, 2013

    Nice turnout with a great variety of cars! Cruise was a lot of fun!
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    Lions Car Show - Moore Twp, Pa, Sept 15, 2013, 9am til 3pm

    Perfect day for a car show. There were over 300 cars, including 6 Vipers. Here are a few pictures. Great to see everyone! Looking forward to the next one!
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    VCAPA/WV Delaware River Ramble August 10th

    Had a great time on my first cruise! Really enjoyed meeting everyone. Already looking forward to the next event. Here are a few pictures I took:
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    GTS Silhouette drawing

    Just found these on eBay. Silhouette shirts of the Gen II, III, IV, and V. I think they look pretty good...
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    Wish someone would produce them, but nothing is available yet. The closest you can get is the SRT GTS currently available from Maisto.
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    VCAPA/WV Delaware River Ramble August 10th

    I'll be there as well. Look forward to meeting you, Charlie. Thanks for organizing!
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    ALMS site lacking SRT team support items for sale?

    I was at the ALMS race at Lime Rock this past weekend, and SRT actually had quite a bit of merchandise available. Here is a link to the online order form where you can the crew shirt as well as t-shirs for both the #91 and #93 cars...
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    Great items! Thanks Ohio VCA for offering this memorabilia to those of us who couldn't make it!
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    Gen V GTSR Le mans Artwork

    Shaun, All of Uli's art can be seen on his website: You can get several different sizes, all of which are listed on the site. Definitely highly recommended!