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  1. B-DiamondViper

    Spa Day

    Just got done with Ceramic Coating. Couldn't be happier with the end result.
  2. B-DiamondViper

    Door Chime on Gen4

    I just picked up my Gen 4 today and when I got home and pulled the keys out of the ignition and the door contiues to chime when it is open. Messed with the keys in the ignition and few times and it still chimes every time the door is open with no keys. This can't be normal is it?
  3. B-DiamondViper

    Headlight Lens Covers

    I purchased a 2004 from the original owner last year and he had put a clear protection over the hood and headlights. It has been on there for 15 years so I took it to a shop to have it taken off and some new protection reapplied. When they pulled it off the headlights the lens covers had...
  4. B-DiamondViper

    Upgrade Stereo

    Looking into upgrading my stereo to something with Apple Car Play/Android Auto. But I am finding it difficult due to the OEM 1.5 DIN stereo. Don't want to modify the bezel if at all possible. Anybody out there done this? Thx
  5. B-DiamondViper

    Car Cover

    Does anyone have any recommendatiions for a good indoor car cover? There are a ton to choose from and prices are wide ranging. I had a really nice one for my C7 but can't remeber the brand.
  6. B-DiamondViper

    New Owner

    Finally pulled the trigger. Sold my C7 and picked up a Gen III Viper