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  1. anaconda666

    AEM Engine Management

    I just posted my AEM Engine Management System for sale in case any one is looking for a great deal.
  2. anaconda666

    AEM - stock ECU - and emissions

    I have a 98 GTS with an AEM computer. With new Ontario emissions testing, there is obviously no communication with the stock ECU through the OBD port that is required for the test. Knowing that the stock ECU is relocated under the passenger part of the dash I removed it and plugged it back into...
  3. anaconda666

    Who's hosting the party?

    Coming down for the race this weekend. Which Ohio member is hosting the party Friday night? Lol.
  4. anaconda666

    Made for the Space Shuttle?

    Should be good for re-entry with these on! Very professional looking, especially with the personalized plates. Great company to deal with!
  5. anaconda666

    All booked for Mid Ohio!!!

    Who else is going?...Robert?
  6. anaconda666

    ALMS from Mosport

    Sure would have been nice to have a Viper or two on the track... Snake Skin Green Porsche!
  7. anaconda666

    Need help with my shaft and ****.

    I have a 1998 GTS and was wondering if my shifter is stock. I want to install a short shifter - if I don't have one all ready. Hope these pics can help. Looks like original rivets on boot - they have not been drilled out. Thanks, Ron Travel from 1st gear to 2nd:
  8. anaconda666

    Today at Toronto Motorsport Park

    I know there will be better pics added but here is one to start things off. Great weather and great turn out. Thanks to all who arranged it!!!
  9. anaconda666

    Daytime running lights mod

    Was looking at this post about daytime running lights. Has anybody tried it with the fog lights instead? Any reason why it would not work? Thanks, Ron.
  10. anaconda666

    Another thanks to Jon B posting...

    Went to bleed my brakes last Sunday for a track session tomorrow and noticed my front pads were pretty worn. Having aftermarket Brembo calipers I knew it would be hard to: a) find pads and b) get them by tonight(Thursday). I called Jon at parts rack and after tracing out the back of the old pad...
  11. anaconda666

    Bob Woodhouse dancing???

    Not sure if Bob was doing his John Travolta Saturday Night Fever immitation or just saying that Woodhouse is number one! Taken at the World Challenge cocktail party in Toronto.
  12. anaconda666

    World Challenge Viper Drivers

    So who is coming to the Meet The World Challenge Drivers cocktail party tomorrow night?
  13. anaconda666

    Lizard Skin Ceramic insulation

    Anybody try this on the inside of their sills? I don't mean instead of the insulation. Thought it may help with the discolouring of the sills over time. Lizardskin Ceramic Insulation and Sound Control Spray-on Formula
  14. anaconda666

    World Challenge at Mosport

    What a great day today at the race! Anybody else go? Too bad a Corvette won and not one of the Vipers, but at least the winner was a local! Ron Fellows with my family: Kuno Wittmer with my daughters: Me and Fred Roberts: Jeff Courtney and my girlfriend( her new crush!)...
  15. anaconda666

    AEM and Split Second

    I have a 1998 GTS with an AEM on it. Just installed a Paxton and my buddy (who I purchased the Paxton from) said that because I have an AEM that I don't need the Split Second controller. The guys that tuned my car set up the auxiliary fuel pumps to come on with the ignition. The car is not...
  16. anaconda666

    Viper leather jacket

    Anybody know where I can get a jacket like this one in large? Every time one is on ebay it is XXL. I need a Canadian mens size, not American! :D Thanks, Ron.
  17. anaconda666

    Pinning the crank

    Installing a Paxton on my '98 GTS. Manual says to drill 1 1/4" in to the balancer and crank. I have only been able to get 1" in and then it just stops. I guess I am hitting the crank which is harder steel. I have tried different drills at different speeds -with oil, without oil, pushed so hard...
  18. anaconda666

    New Toys

    Picked up my "performance enhancer" yesterday. Now I just need some warm weather to do the install! Ron.
  19. anaconda666

    2 cars in 1 calendar

    For the last 10 years in Canada, Walmart has done a "Dream Car Calendar" with most of the proceeds going to charity. This year I ended up with 2 of my cars in it - pretty cool. ps-I know the Lotus is not a dream pss-If anybody wants to purchase an autographed copy, let me...
  20. anaconda666

    T03/T04 Hybrid Garrett Turbos

    I've read that this setup with the T03/T04 hybrid Turbos is not great on a Viper - is this true? Anybody running this setup? Thanks, Ron. eBay Motors: Garrett TWIN TURBO Kit for Gen 2 DODGE VIPER - NEW (item 150298050572 end time Sep-30-08 20:11:53 PDT)
  21. anaconda666

    Random Tech too loud

    All right, I admit it - I'm old! :dunno: I purchased a Ramdom Technology exhaust system this summer from Partsrack for my '98 GTS and I am finding it too loud. I am thinking of switching to a Corsa system. If anybody is interested in a cat back with around 500 miles on it, let me know. Ron.
  22. anaconda666

    Are my gears hurting me?

    Went to the track yesterday. Car is a 1998 GTS with approx 575 hp at motor, has some motor work done, have not figured out all that it has yet , but here is some info - exhaust, smooth tubes, T&D 1.7 rockers, throttle bodies, lightweight flywheel, 3.73 gears. Best I could do is 12.23 @ 117mph...
  23. anaconda666

    Any single want to share their room?

    I am still deciding if I am going, and my girlfriend does not want to attend. So if anybody has a room booked who is going alone and wants to split the cost of their room, please send me a pm . I am 43, good looking, and have no known mental problems, lol, Ron.
  24. anaconda666

    Beauty and The Beast

    I usually don't have them both out of the garage at the same time, but I wanted some "group" photos. Ron.
  25. anaconda666

    Royal Purple 75w90 Gear Oil

    Just changed the ****** fluid today to Royal Purple, which is what I use in my 2 Lotus cars - what a difference! It is like filling the ****** with butter! Very smooth shifting. Will do the diff. next weekend with Royal Purple 75w140. Ron.