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    PITA Spark Plug Wire Boot Removal

    Gen2 Viper. Several years ago I replaced my stock plug wires with a set of AB Quality. The old OEM ones were a bit(h to remove but I just twisted and yanked the **** out of em because knew i'd be trashing them so didn't care about damaging the boot-to-wire interface. Just yesterday I went...
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    Salt is gone!!! DelMarVa Lets Roll!!!!!

    I havnt driven the snake since January 1st. Roads have been kept well salted since then with this wicked winter. As much as I've been enjoying hitting the slopes up north and pretending like I'm in the olympics, I've been dying to get the Viper out of the garage. Totally stoked that we had...
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    Lug Nut Options

    I'd like to replace all my Lugs as some of them have gotten wore out with the several times per year i take em on/off to change tires, bleed brakes, ***** with the suspension, ect... Some of them are a tad rusty and some i have to be very carefull putting on by hand to keep from crossthreading...
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    Surrounded By Supras

    A few pics from a recent car meet & BBQ/party: more pics to follow...
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    Mounting race seats in a Gen2

    I’ve been thinking about it for years now and am finally ready to order aftermarket seats & safety harnesses for my GTS within the week. I pulled both my seats lastnight to get familiar with taking them in/out and I’ve got a few questions regarding mounting any diff seat in a Gen1/2 that is not...
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    3rd Annual SakesUnderAPlane Photo Shoot 2011

    Pics taken @ the Dover Air Force Base Air Mobiltiy Command Museum from our Annual meet: Enjoy!
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    KUMHO Tires, Getting out of the Viper biz ????

    I have heard from a reputable source that KUMHO Tires is getting out of the Viper biz due to fear of Lawsuits Well, I’ll call it a rumor cause I still can’t comprehend if this has actually happened and part of me doesn’t want to believe it. I called our largest Tire Distributor site...
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    Trying to find a New guy in PA ---> 1996 RT/10black

    Met someone at the Cruisin OceanCity MD car show a couple weeks ago. Was telling me he just recently purchased a 1996 RT/10 Black/fangedSilverStripes. Didnt know anything about the VCA and was asking alot of questions. I took his email to send him a bunch of info but cant find the paper i...
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    Why no VCA trackday this year???

    Yes, i know we have the NARRA Event but im still dissapointed to not see our annual VCA NJMP trackday on the schedule. :( Is there any possibility of us getting together a trackday on the Lightning track Later this summer/fall ? ( if there is not enough interest perhaps we could collaborate...
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    Any Attorneys in VA???? - Serious Traffic Violation

    I found out the hard way that you can be sited for RecklessDriving based on going 20mph above the speed limit or over 80mph in Any speed zone including a 65. Worsted part being that this violation in VA is considered a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Been searching for an attorney in the area and don’t...
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    SPOTTED: Smyrna, DE - Silver w/Blue Stripe Vert

    I woke up this mornin with a text on my phone from the wife saying that she saw a viper pulling into our development as she was leaving for work @ 6am. Ive only lived here(TwinWillows) for a half year, so i guess its possible that he lives in my development. or just passing thru for some...
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    Sunday, NJMP - Grand-Am ROLEX Sports Car Series

    NJMP - Grand-Am ROLEX Sports Car Series this Sunday Welcome to New Jersey Motorsports Park GRAND-AM Road Racing - Official Web Site anyone going? PM me your # so we can meetup:2tu:
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    help with an inspection in Wichita Falls?

    Im advising a friend in his search for a GTS, Could someone help me out with an inspection in Wichita Falls? Even if you dont have much mechanical knowlege or arent willing to see if he'll let you testdrive it, it would still be a big help if someone could at minimum check it out in...
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    Posting Pictures for non-members to see?

    howcome when i post pictures they are only viewable to members of the forum? But i see there are other people that post pics saved on the VCA site that everyone can see. Am i doing something wrong? I currently go underr my profile to MyAlbums and copy the BB Code [IMG] and paste into the...
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    AirMobilityCommandMuseum Viper Photo Shoot

    Last weekend a few of us took advantage of what was probably the last warm&sunny weekend of the year in DE and headed up to the Dover Air Force Base AirMobilityCommandMuseum for a meet. They have over 20 planes on exhibit. A few inside the museum, and the rest outside with many of them open to...
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    Merging Threads - Why dont our Moderators do it?

    I used to post on a couple of other forums where the moderators were capable of merging/combining threads. For example instead of having 5 daffy duck threads, there would be only One because each time someone creates a new thread about the same topic a moderater merges(adds it on the end of...
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    DoverAirForeBase - Wings&Wheels [PICS]

    A few pics from the anual "Wings & Wheels" carshow at the the Delaware Dover Air Force Base earlier this summer. Enjoy:usa:
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    4-Sale: G-TechProSS (lowered price)

    VCA Classified Ad: Gtech-PRO-SS - ViperClub Classifieds $115 w/FreeShipping(USA), (VCA members get priority) This is what it does: GTech-Pro Model SS I dont have the manual but it can be downloaded here: Gtech Product User Guides
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    4-Sale: MGW FirstStrike Shiftknob & AC Controlls

    MGW FirstStrike Shift **** & AC Controls - ViperClub Classifieds Id like to get rid of these seeing as how they have been sitting on my desk for 6months now... Hows 70bucks for the set with free shipping(USA) sound ? (VCA member gets priority)
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    ACR Radio Delete Plate - Who Is Bidding On This???

    are you crazy?, 100bucks for a little plastic plate:dunno: NOS Dodge Viper ACR GTS Radio Delete Plate 98 99 00 01:eBay Motors (item 260487308357 end time Oct-13-09 08:25:58 PDT) i have been looking for one of these for a while now, anyone know of a source? maybee JonB? ****, for...
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    Endless Summer Crusin 09 (OceanCity, MD)

    October 8-9-10-11 Ocean City, MD. Where? Everywhere:headbang: This is a semianual event. One in the spring to kick off the season, and one in the fall to end the season with a ****. Its like every type of car event mixed into one. I'll be Cruisin Fri Night, Sat Day/Night, and...
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    What Type of HiFlowCat is This ?

    What Type of HiFlowCat is This ? I popped off my sidesills last night to see if i had cats since i will be dynoing soon and want to be able to calc accurate A/F Ratios since i will be running a wideband in my downstream ****. Dosnt look like anything ive seen. Ive looked through...
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    What is this LollyPopStick Thingy under my intakemanifold

    Looks like LollyPop Stick but bigger in diameter. What is it?
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    Problem with my GTS (feels like she missing spark/fuel)

    Trying to give as much info as possible with this Timeline. Please read through and let me know if there is any other info you would like to know about my 1997 GTS with 50Kmiles. Monday: 4:00 - Near empty tank, Fill up with 11 Gal of 93o Fuel from Shell 4:20 - Pull out of a...
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    Spotted in DE , BlackSRTvert - "RITTER"

    Went to check out WolverineORIGINS at RegalPeoplesPlaza Theater just outside of Newark, DE and the first thing i noticed pulling into the parkinglot is a Black SRT10 Vert. I naturally drive over to check it out and see a licence plate that reads "RITTER" Rain off and on all evening, props for...