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    Wiper blades replacement

    The bad things about being here in hawaii :smirk:. So I need two new wiper blades of course because it is about to be rainy season. Of course none of the dealerships out here have any in stock. And its a crazy $55, and that is not for a pair, but one stinkin blade. :omg: Are you kidding me...
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    Need Headers. Help me decide

    Well as the topic says, I need new headers. I have a broken stock header and well what better reason than to get performance headers. Ok so I know there are American racing headers, Bellanger headers, and B&B Headers. Out of those three what are the best ones to get performance wise? Also I...
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    Polished Intake Manifold

    posted an add. More than one :omg: Message - ViperClub Classifieds
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    Jada 2008 SRT10 1/24

    So I was playing "tourist" today in Waikiki. Anyone that knows that area knows that there is a million and one ABC stores. So we just got done hanging out at the beach and went in a ABC store and what a surprise they had some JADA Vipers there. Now they also have other cars there ones that I...
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    Who polishes intakes?

    Hi everyone. I am wanting to get my intake polished. I was wondering first of all do any of our vendors do this? I of course want to try and use our supporting vendors first. If not who do you recommend? I know there are quite a few out there that have there intakes polished. Thank you...
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    Viper Radio Control Cars

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is a good selection of Viper radio controll cars out there. I did search the forums and only came up with this one Radical Racer Dodge Viper Radio Control Car I was wondering if there is anymore of them out there. Particularly I am looking for one close...
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    Viper wont start

    04 SRT. So I am getting ready to leave. I get in the viper and start it up like normal. I was sitting there getting ready to leave. Well I had some new sandals on and my foot slipped off the clutch and car was in gear, so of course stalled the car. I put my foot back on the clutch and push...
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    Gen 4 is going to hit 10's stock

    I know some are going to say I am bench racing, but with the MPH that some are making I am telling you they are going to hit 10's, its just a matter of time. Someone on the alley just posted a 11.19 ET 129.45MPH. For those that are going to ask yes it is **** stock down to the tires and...
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    Phase III of Nitrous install PICS

    Well for those of you that know, this has been a long road for me. I know I should of just done it all right the first time, well I just didn't have the time the first time and was not there the second time. For those of you that want to see how my nitrous first looked :( refer to here...
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    Thank you JonB

    - PRODUCT(S)/SERVICE(S) PURCHASED: Forgeline ZX3R's and 2xPS2's. - DATE PURCHASED: 11-27-2008 - DATE SHIPPED: 12-31-2008(Due to forgeline having to build them) JonB sent me tracking number as soon as they shipped. - DATE ARRIVED: 1-9-2009 - PRODUCT/SERVICE QUALITY (1-10): 10+ -...
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    Horrible weather but drove anyway

    I figured the tittle may get you to look. So after the last couple days of the weather being bad with some rain here and there (I know you feel sorry for me :D) I decided to make up for it today and go on a cruise. So I met up with some F-Body folks that are military and stationed out here...
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    New Shoes are here

    Well the new Rims have arrived. Yesterday a nice gift was waiting my signature. Yeah Santa came a little late but late is better than never. I purchased these rims when JonB was having a HUGE sale on rims and I ended up getting more than 20% off of them. I wanted to go with a very tough rim...
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    Took a few pictures today in Hawaii

    I decided to drive to the beach today which is just 3 minutes from where I live. The beach is Kailua beach which is one of the nicer and quieter beaches on the Island. I have lived on the Island for about 4 months now and this time of year proves why I love living here so much. There is...
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    7" Center Speaker Replacement

    Does anyone know of a good 7" speaker to replace the factory center speaker? I have just replaced my two side speakers and they sound good, however the center speaker is now struggling to keep up. Since it is a weird size, I am having a hard time finding a replacement. For those that have...
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    Heat Shield

    I decided it was time to upgrade my speakers so I changed out the side speakers and tweeters to some much better sounding Rainbow SLC230 5 1/4". Anyway when I was running the wires for the speakers and I took off the side sills, I noticed that the wires that were ran from the deck to the GPS...
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    Cars and Coffee in Honolulu, Hawaii

    Well it was a good Day Saturday November 8th. Every Second Saturday of the month there is a gathering of people with their cars in Honolulu near Pier 38. Well the normal scene is mostly BMW's, Lexus's, and a bunch of corvettes. Well XLR8SN and I decided to show up and see what it was all...
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    Viper Made it here

    Some of you may of been wondering where I dissapeared to. Well I have been on vacation since I got back from Iraq after having a blast with Chad in GA on my way home. I got to Hawaii a few days ago and picked up the Viper from the Pier yesterday, in perfect condition. Let me first say that...
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    Show me your Eibach Lowered Vipers

    I want to see pictures of everyone's Eibach spring Lowered Vipers. If you want to throw in Moton or KW lowered Vipers as well I would not mind seeing them either. I want to see what it looks like after dropping it about an inch. I know there are pictures spread out of people's lowered vipers...
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    2004 Stock tire Size?

    Ok I have searched. I even looked in the owners manual and it does not give specific tire size information. I am looking to replace my runcraps before going to Hawaii as the rain will not be good for the runcraps. What is the stock tire sizes for PS2's that I will need? Again sorry I am sure...
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    Hawaii Regional Forum

    Ok now I know there is not that many Viper owners in Hawaii, yet alone on the island of Oahu which is where I will be moving to by October 1st. However I would like to request to the Moderators that there be a Hawaii Regional Forum created for us few. I have talked to a couple members and yeah...
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    Moving to Hawaii

    Well as some of you know I have been in Iraq for a while. I finally have an out date which is September 7th. I have accepted a job in Hawaii and will start work October 1st. I will of course be shipping my Viper out there so I can enjoy it. I was hoping there would be a regional forum for...
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    Shipping Car to DC Performance

    I am getting quotes of getting my car shipped down to DC Performance from Denver, CO. I was told by Dan that someone else was looking at getting his car shipped down to DC Performance from Colorado as well. I was wondering if he was on these boards at all. The email address Dan gave me does...
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    2004 stock wheel lug nut

    Does anyone know what the part number for a 2004 Viper stock wheel lug nut is? Thank you ahead of time
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    Post your Nitrous setups with Pics

    I have been searching around and have not really found any setup's with pics. I would like pictures and details of setups from people that are running Nitrous, it doesnt even have to be the Gen 3. I would just like to see how everyone else set theres up, placement of Fuel solenoid, purge...
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    RSS URL?

    Does this site offer RSS Feed Functionality? I would really like for the new posts to go to my RSS Feeds Reader, but cannot find what if there is a URL for it. Of course if its not enabled on this site, it wont work. I have done a search on the entire site for RSS and have found nothing. I...