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    Cosmetic Mods

    I put an '08 hood on my Copperhead last year and wanted to try something else. What do you think? Also, when I had the original hood I liked the embossed Fangs logo on it. No logo on the new hood pad so I took it to a shop and had this embroidered on it.
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    ACR Stripe

    How wide is the ACR stripe?
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    what color?

    What is the color of the black part of the side sills where the exhaust port is? Is it gloss black or something less than gloss?
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    Window guide fix

    I've seen posts about the triangular window guide rolling up when the window rolls up, and I think I've discovered the problem. There's a rubber gasket along the inside of the window (NOT the infamous plastic strip) that has a V shaped groove between the door panel and the window. The bottom of...
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    Help finding a member

    I remember some posts a while back by a guy that painted his car copperhead orange with a black hood and orange driver stripe. I would like to ask him a question about that but I couldn't find the post using search function. Anybody remember who that was?
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    Auction Kings

    Just watched a show called Auction Kings. It's one of those "reality" shows about an auction house in Georgia. I watched it because one of the items they were selling in this episode was a '95 Viper. The Viper get's quite a bit of air time in the episode. Unfortunately I think the greatly...
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    Stool for my Garage

    I'm looking for a Viper themed stool for the workbench in my garage. Please give me your opinions on these two or give me and alternative.
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    Question about old hot wheel stock

    I would like to get my hands on some Gen 3 hot wheels or any other brand but all they have now is Gen 5. Last year all I could find were ACRs. What do they do with the old unsold stock?
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    Not looking good

    Wainright clocked for 6 runs. Not looking good for our Cards. :(
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    Model car guys please help

    I am looking to make a copy of my Copperhead Edition Viper with a Gen4 hood. The best way I thought I could do it is to get a model of a gen4 and repaint it in the Copperhead color. I would need a vert of course. Looking on the net the only models I could find were 2003. I did find some 2009...
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    Help with window washer

    I did a search but couldn't find this info The windshield washer has a hoze that connects to a plastic connector that divides the fluid to both nozzles. It is located below the passanger side nozzle. Mine broke! :( Is it just a common plastic T hoze junction that I could get at a hardware...
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    The old board use to have a link to vendor's websites. I used that a lot but I can't find anything like it now. Am I blind and just missing it or is it not on the board anymore?
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    new hood

    Remember that feeling when you first got your car and you would go out and sit in the garage and just look at it? Well, I got that feeling again yesterday when I got my new Gen 4 hood installed. It's almost like getting a new car. lol. Really looks sharp with the copperhead color. One...
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    Injector question

    What are the standard fuel injectors on the 8.3 SRT 10? Is there any benifit to changing these out? Just wondering
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    08 Hood

    I'm thinking about putting an OEM '08 hood on my '05. I have looked at some threads about this but I still have a question. Doesn't the OEM hood have a gasket around the air intake area? How does that work with the Gen3 airbox? Do I need to remove it or alter it? I will have to take that gasket...
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    Cool Viper (kind of) Related T-Shirts

    I was looking for T-Shirts on the mmawarehouse website and found these cool shirts. Thought I would share them with the club.
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    Vender links

    What happened to the supporting vender links that use to be on the top of the forum? I used those all the time.
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    Wheel question

    5290866AA is that the part number for the front sidewinders or the front five spokes?
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    Art for a Gen 4 Hood pad? Please post pix

    The Gen 3 hood pads have that nice raised logo but the Gen 4 pad looks like it's plain. I have seen some nice artistic work that has been done on the Gen 3 pad to bring out the logo. Has anyone had anything done to their Gen 4 hood pad? Please post pix
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    Pujols gone!

    Good luck to him. He's a great player Now we might be able to get another good starting pitcher and a good short stop. I actually think out team will be better. One man does not make a team.
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    Kahului Maui Viper

    Just saw a beautiful silver/gray Viper in Kahului, Maui. Just got a quick view of it as I was turning on to Dairy Rd. Looked like it was heading toward Hana, Spreckelsville, or upcountry direction. I think it was a Gen 3. Anybody here? I have to say, driving around on Maui you see a lot of...
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    Hood Silencer Pad

    I want to buy a new OEM hood silencer pad for my '05. Any site sponsors carry them?
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    Washed my car today for the first time

    OK, I've had the car for 3 years and have washed it about once a week in the summer. But today was the first REAL wash. I always just thought washing cars was washing cars. ****, I'll admit I even took it to the car wash place a couple of times. But last summer I started noticing swirl marks...
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    5" pad vs 6" pad

    OK, I've been studying vidios all winter. I've bought the junkman's kit from Adams. (Got it through Thompson racing... Thanks Eric.) Tonight I watched Junkman's video on pad size and the counter weight. In it he says the Adams pads are 5" pads. What determines that size? These seem to be bigger...
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    Engine Bay

    I've been watching the adams videos in preperation for a ful detailing of my car. Cleaning the Engine What special precautions do I need to make to detail the engine bay? I'll certainly cover the altenator and fuse box. I'm thinking of removing the air filter box the covering the throttle...

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