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    New Stryker Red Viper?

    There are no custom three stage colors for the 1 of 1 program. You can only get Stryker Orange or Stryker Green.
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    Viper is home

    A child was one of the few reasons I sold my 2013 last year. After 6 months I needed another Viper bad, that is why I have a 2015 :)
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    Value on 2013 GTS

    Just like finding a brand new one last year under $59,900?
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    My Fellow was a GOOD run

    Go read black mamba1's post history It is pure garbage trolling.
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    My Fellow was a GOOD run

    Why the mods let this window licker continue to post here is beyond me.
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    online builder question

    $2k for gas guzzler $2k for destination - i think you get $800 off that if you do the "1of1" program and do factory pickup it is $2k because they ship in covered trucks
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    Viper is home

    I'd get it fixed under warranty - though your best bet would be to wait till winter (I mean why take downtime when you don't need to). Just have the dealer document it. You may have to argue with Chrysler on having Prefix repaint it instead of the dealer. When you do get it off and the sill...
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    Viper is home

    That area is a problem are on these cars. My white 2013 turned yellowish there. No bubbling, but yellow. The cat is right there and gets REALLY hot.
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    Chrysler: Please tweak the $15K Voucher...

    If you bought the car after the price drop, you aren't going to get squat - there is no reason for them to give you a voucher - you would have gotten the discounted price.
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    Viper is home

    The Gen V's are meant to be driven - I put 8000 miles on my 2013 in a year and in 7 months I've put 2800 on my 2015. Only place I won't take mine is into DC and parked.
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    Viper is home

    It is his fault that the dealer misrepresented the vehicles condition, a new vehicle at that? Not quite.
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    Viper is home

    Hey man I shot you a PM
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    And I tell everyone in NoVA - Ourisman in Alexandria is probably the best shop you'll find to service around. Chris is a great service manager and takes care of you.
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    R&T first ACR drive

    Time for you to trade up!!
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    Congrats! We have quite a few Gen V's in NoVA now. I was the only there for awhile and now there are plenty!
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    Do it! LOL so easy to spend the cash of other people :)
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    I've had my 2015 in there 2-3x for a few things and stare at it every time I am in there :) **** car all around. $92 I think I could get over a few minor scratches. They'll also order you something custom at invoice.
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    I didn't think the scratches on that one were that bad 7th_sign - nothing a good detailer couldn't fix. I wish I knew they would have gone that low when I was looking, I would have bought it up instantly.
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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    I bought my 15 at invoice, i simply called and asked if they would do invoice and deal was done. I wouldn't pay sticker for a Gen V, no matter what the year. But, since you are trading in, you have lost some bargaining power. I'd sell the car first then buy. With that you are in a better...
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    Poor Quality control issue

    While it ***** and shouldn't happen, lets be fair - if thats the worst issue you have, then there isn't much to complain about. It should take 2 minutes to fix, most of that time will be waiting for the hair dryer to heat up sufficiently.
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    Black Viper TA Vin: 1c3adeaz1ev400022

    They took it off because it is worth $3,000
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    Black Viper TA Vin: 1c3adeaz1ev400022

    It being moved/driven without the strut brace voids the factory warranty.
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    Add my 14 GTS to the Heart attack list.

    Uh no. Powertrain if 5 years / 100,000 miles. You can extend it to 7 (maybe even 8) years.
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    Gen V as a DD?

    The only real downside is bad MPG. I also don't really park mine in the city unless it is a known garage. I drive mine everywhere.

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