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  1. Bruce H.

    What did you do to your Viper today?

    Update: Bumper and sills have been refinished and new ppf applied. Waiting on carbon fiber splitters which are being refinished. Amazingly, the CF finish that looked completely worn off by road abrasion can be sanded and restored. Looking forward to seeing those and getting all pieces...
  2. Bruce H.

    Mobil 1: Ask The Pro, VCO Sponsor Supports the Viper Community

    Mobil 1 is a global leader and trusted lubricant brand of car enthusiasts, motorsports teams, brands like Porsche, Mercedes-AMG, Corvette, Cadillac and Bentley, and SRT/Prefix. As a major sponsor of the Viper Club of Ontario, our “Mobil 1: Ask The Pro” initiative gives all Viper owners access to...
  3. Bruce H.

    What did you do to your Viper today?

    Yesterday I received my Gen V side sills and front bumper back from the paint shop, and today took them to my paint protection film shop to wrap before assembling all the bumper grills. I'm going to have the two front TA splitters refinished and spoke with the local carbon fiber shop owner...
  4. Bruce H.

    What did you do to your Viper today?

    It's January, driving season in the north is over...and the perfect time to do some work on the Viper! Time for some cosmetic improvements on my '14 TA starting with removal of the 10 y/o Suntec PPF that showed all of its 58,000 miles. Side sills, bumper and under-bumper carbon fiber...
  5. Bruce H.

    10 years ago this community changed my world...thank you and Happy New Year!

    Jeff, it's the soul of the community I'm concerned with losing as I see it being drained away by the behavior of the few we trusted most to promote and protect it, and by the inexplicable defense by others who are actually also trying to protect it. You've well-defined who and what the Viper...
  6. Bruce H.

    10 years ago this community changed my world...thank you and Happy New Year!

    Thanks guys. I know most of you from this and the other forums as having been hugely supportive of the community, and I thank you all for that! It's no surprise to hear from those who have been such incredible assets to the Viper Community, and have invested an unimaginable amount of your time...
  7. Bruce H.

    10 years ago this community changed my world...thank you and Happy New Year!

    The 2014 Gen V TA had set the Production Car Track Record at Laguna Seca, the journalists reviewed it in September, and forum members here helped me big time to decide to pull the trigger based on their experiences with their 2013 SRT and GTS models. But only 6 of 159 were allocated to Canada...
  8. Bruce H.

    Are there any Western New York owners here? We're planning 2024 throughout the area now.

    We have local owners planning 2024 social & track events in WNY and we'd like to accommodate all area owners for those WNY events plus many other events located on Ontario's side of the Niagara border! Please contact Bruce at [email protected].
  9. Bruce H.

    We're ready for 2024 with 50+ days of social and track events in Ontario & Western NY State!

    Learn all about it... VCO annual dues are just $95 USD or $125 CAN. 100% of all dues and sponsor revenues are used to fund each year's events and member benefits! The VCO has been a very strong supporter of the Viper community since...
  10. Bruce H.

    TA Thread

    I'd like to encourage the Viper community to share their technical knowledge by posting important threads that were previously posted elsewhere onto these public VCA forums for the benefit of all Viper owners. This will start the process of bringing back to life reference quality threads where...
  11. Bruce H.

    9 days of Sept '23 events in photos and October events starting shortly...join us for 50 annual events!

    Check out our October newsletter and website at Contact Bruce at [email protected] for event and membership information!
  12. Bruce H.

    Great video with Leno testing and discussing the Shelby Daytona. The Viper picked up where the Shelby Cobra & Dayton left off! I've always loved the Shelby Cobra & Daytona, so it's no wonder I feel the same about my Viper. How about you? Bruce
  13. Bruce H.

    Planning 2023-2024 Events for Western New York Viper Owners

    If you're a Viper owners in Western NY, you're about to have local WNY Viper events and another 50 in Ontario to enjoy! Our Viper Club of Ontario 2023 Events Calendar featured 50+ events from Windsor to Niagara and Ottawa, including over 30 social events and 18 high performance driving events...
  14. Bruce H.

    Planning 2023-2024 Events for Western New York Viper Owners

    Let me know if you're a Viper owner in this region and we'll get some more local events planned! Bruce Hadfield [email protected] C 705-341-8320
  15. Bruce H.

    The VCO's 2023 Performance Driving (Track) Program

    Few more from our gang at this event...
  16. Bruce H.

    The VCO's 2023 Performance Driving (Track) Program

    The VCO's 2023 Performance Driving Program: -18 days, 5 race tracks, Ontario & Watkins Glen in Western NY -Car Control Schools -Track Schools -HPDE's with instructors, and novice, advanced and open/race run groups -Event Discounts -Annual Event Rebates (VCO...
  17. Bruce H.

    14 Essential Benefits of Viper Club of Ontario Membership!

    The Viper Community is infinitely stronger and benefits all owners with active participation in regional clubs and community Viper forums. This is how we're growing and strenghtening the Viper community across Ontario and Western New York...
  18. Bruce H.

    Ontario is the most active and 2nd largest regional Viper club in the world

    Our Events Calendar features 50 events from Windsor to Ottawa, including 16 high performance driving events on 5 race tracks. All Viper owners are welcome to join us regardless of other Viper club affiliations. Check us out at, and feel free to contact me at...
  19. Bruce H.

    Website Analysis

    Club's #1 benefit for me have always been the very active public forums, the VCA's first when I was doing research to buy a Viper TA in 2013, and then also on the other one that started in 2014. That's really the benefit I chose to support for years with my paid membership. Many like yourself...
  20. Bruce H.

    What tracks have you driven on

    A few within range of Toronto... Mosport-Grand Prix (home track-45 min) Le Circuit Mont Tremblant (Randy Pobst's favorite in N.A.-7.5 hrs) Road America (~15 hrs) Virginia International (~13 hrs) Calabogie Motorsports Park (4.5 hrs) Watkin's Glen (~5 hrs) Road Atlanta (~17 hrs) Mid-Ohio...
  21. Bruce H.

    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    So sorry Wayne. I can't even imagine how you're both feeling. Just unbelievably sad. I rarely park the car unattended for fear of it being keyed, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. Hope you get it back absolutely perfect.
  22. Bruce H.

    14 SRT Viper TA FOR SALE!

    Great looking white TA, and nice mod list. Still think this original TA version is the best looking, this is perhaps better than new with the tasteful mods, you can't even buy a new one in I think this should be an easy sale for a very strong price to someone wanting a new white TA...
  23. Bruce H.

    Arrow Race Controller - preliminary observatuions.

    I met a fellow from Arrow that worked on your new PCM tune at VIR last summer. He was there custom tuning 3 Comp Coupe race cars at pit wall and highly recommended this new tune to me for track use. Ralph has basically run the tune forever in his white car and also recommended it to me, as did...
  24. Bruce H.

    Arrow Race Controller - preliminary observatuions.

    Hi Bob, Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to any updates as you spend more time with it. I was under the impression that Arrow was heavily (entirely?) responsible for the factory PCM tune, and was the natural choice of tuner for an off road version. Bruce
  25. Bruce H.

    General question about Gen V features

    I don't know what model you are considering buying but I can tell you most of those Motor Trend comments are completely inaccurate based on my street and road course experience with the TA model. Never having owned a Viper before, I was intimidated like Carlos for the first week, and the second...

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