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    Anyone own/owned a GTR?

    I had a Gen 4, sold it and bought a 2013 GTR. The GTR is an amazing car. It's great being able to destroy everyone, everywhere without breaking a sweat. With that gets old pretty quick. It's like playing on an 8 foot hoop. Too easy. I bought it thinking that I would daily drive it, but...
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    Well, hello beautiful

    Harold....I PM'd you. We will definitely have to put together the ole' Northern VA Viper crew and do a drive. Congrats!
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    Hood scoop and filter

    Yeah I noticed that and thought that something was missing. I don't like it.
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    Woodhouse First Edition

    When Ralph brought the Stryker red to our local show last year (moparpalooza) I still had my venom red and we parked them side by side. I have a pic somewhere. My car looked closer to dark red/purple compared to the dark red/orange/yellow of the new car. BUT all in all, I didn't think they were...
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    Question on white color

    All Viper dealers should have samples you can go and look at. I was curious about the black because the 2013 GTR I had was A LOT more black metallic than the earlier flat black that I preferred. It looks like the Viper black is a solid, deep black. :)
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    Buying low mile 96/97 GTS

    You're likely going to pay a premium on a car with lower mileage, which is only good for a collector.
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Package

    Agreed. I'd also like to have more details on the exterior package as in, "can this be retrofitted?" I love some of the packages, but I would also love to keep the price down and mod as I go.
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    GTS Hood price?

    Wow! 3-4k is great! Looks like I'll definitely be going for a SRT then and worry about changing the hood later. :)
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    GTS Hood price?

    hey gang, just sat down with the dealer to spec out a '13. I had Gen 4 and recently sold my '13 GTR and was considering ordering a new Gen 5, but I'm having an issue. It looks like the base SRT model will get me everything I really need, but I LOVE the GTS hood. Any guesses on how much the hood...
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    Gen IV vs Gen V block differences?

    Joe - I think for heavy mods on the Gen IV you need some serious computing power (Motec), but I don't know about the short block.
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    I'm just gone go ahead and say it...

    Re: I'm just gone go ahead and say it.... I fail to understand how this is a new concern or a new opinion. ????
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    Delivery, drive or ship?

    It's a good way to get past break in I say. I drove my gen 4 back from Tx in VA back in Dec. 2010 and had a blast. where in VA are you?
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    Out of a Viper for a little while

    Hey bud...we've already talked about this whole situation a bit, but I'd like to just say publicly that my heart goes out to you. You helped bring me into the Viper world and while my temporary absence is by choice, I know how frustrating this must be for you. I would say that I'll keep my eyes...
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    What do you guys think Plans for Yellow Coupe

    You seem to like the yellow line, but since you're posting it here and therefore wanting opinions, let me say.....I hate it. I was wondering when Austin was going to post his pic....just 10 minutes...which is pretty good. :) Now, I'm not crazy about polished finishes either, so I'd go with black...
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    Build Options

    The option Im most interested in is the financing. Hows about 0.9% for 84 months? :)
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    oct 15 viper production start date

    You know what they say.....if you have to ask.....then the sales department has done a sh*tty job.
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    Gen 5 on Jay Leno's Garage site on 6/29

    Here is an embed....!
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    Gen 5 spotted!

    Definitely getting a Gen 5, but after selling my Gen 4 last month it's clear to me that there is at least one car between me and my Five. For me, I'll definitely trade some curb appeal for getting interior quality and comfort.
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    The 100,000 High Mileage Club

    That's pretty cool.
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    Forza 4 SRT Viper Pictures and Video

    No new hoods and nothing special about the stripes.
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    You can drive the gen V starting Friday!

    I haven't brought myself to switch out to 4 wheel drive yet.
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    You can drive the gen V starting Friday!

    Yes indeed. It's free and you can do all kinds of colors and stripes. Woot! PS guys can take a breathe for a little while.
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    You can drive the gen V starting Friday!

    I knew you were talking about xbox and I'm super stoked. Hopefully we can change color, wheels, etc. Can't wait to build a few and see how it runs against some (virtual) competition. let the games begin.

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