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    Oil Weight?

    My Viper is almost always driven in 65-90 F temps, so I run the Mobil 1 15W-50 all the time. You will find the valve train noise to be noticeably less with the 15W-50 than it is with 0W-40.
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    How many you guys got Warranty?

    The problem with a warranty on these cars is you get more of the same-- I had a leaky OEM shock and (of course) the oil cooler lines. Did I want those same OEM quality parts put back on the car? Hell no! With a Viper, sometimes "peace of mind" is replacing common failures with improved...
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    Lowering Springs vs Coil Overs

    Caps alone on stock Viper shocks lower the spring preload but don't change the stock spring rates, so the OEM damping will still be adequate for the setup (if you were happy with the stock ride). When you lower the ride height w/Eibachs it involves going to a higher spring rate to prevent...
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    Drive carefully this Holiday Season

    Someone call this guy a cab-- he's clearly had too many. "Paul, you're a cab!" Thank you. This story explains why I saw a gray Gen IV coupe with TAXI signs all over it in San Diego. Merry Christmas to all
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    Right door lock actuator not working

    It is a stiff lock. Might want to squirt some light oil in there first.
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    Charging question

    One nice feature of the good ol' Battery Tender Plus is that it returns to it's normal trickle-charging state after a power outage. Some of these newer, microprocessor controlled units do not! My motorcycle battery charger from Shorai (for a lightweight LiFePo battery) requires the user to...
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    If You Get a Postcard from Cadillac V-Series...

    Don't throw it away!! I did the half-day V-Series Performance Lab at Sonoma Raceway this week and it was a hoot! All it took was an online registration using an invitation code contained in that big black postcard. Maurice L., former VCA NorCal Prez was also there, sat with him at the free...
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    Do you find yourselves always "dreaming" of other Vipers?

    Gen IV ACR. Then my desire to be just slightly inconspicuous takes over. A Copperhead is still somewhat "understated" compared to an ACR. I would really have to be in the right mood to drive around in an ACR (or something like a Saleen S7). I was just looking at a dark grey Aston Martin DBS...
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    ACR Cup Tires, Do you Suggest Them?

    Negatives to Sport Cup tires: -tramlining (following grooves in the surface) -poor wet traction -poor cold tire performance -soft compound reduces tire life (treadwear rating= 80! Michelin Super Sport=300) This is a street legal tire intended for track days.
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    Who's had notes left on their Car?

    Shoot. My note just said: "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits". :( I may have been taking up two spaces, but they were just handicapped anyway...
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    Side by Side Photos - Gen 5 & C7

    Then this drives up and settles all the arguments... :cool:
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    Low Mileage Vipers

    Yep, if you bought the car as a weekend toy and you happen to have multiple weekend toys, that drives the mileage way down. Sometimes it seems pretty excessive, paying all the insurance and registration fees on something you only drive two weekends a month. Anyone who can afford this kind...
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    My Viper Rant

    The OP's article immediately reminded me of what happened in the Personal Watercraft (JetSki) industry. They went from small, nimble craft that were difficult for a newbie to handle-- to big ol' tuna boats that anyone could master in an hour or less. All the pressure to make PWC stable, safe...
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    Yikes...Gen IV window regulator issues...again!

    Careful, by your description it may not be the regulator. It is possible to inspect inside the door with a bright flashlight and determine if the window glass is properly attached (or remove the door panel and check it out that way). Having the rear of the window move while the front does not...
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    Car breaking up in cold weather

    I wouldn't shotgun a bunch of fixes on the car without knowing more about the problem. Does the roughness come back if you drive the car again in cold conditions? Could have been water in the fuel or some other temporary issue. Most ignition/electrical problems don't 'get better' as things...
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    Is "new" VCA finally going to deal with bad supporting vendors?

    Welcome to the club! :crazy2: I waited for 6 months and finally asked for (and received) a refund. Anyone received any carbon fiber parts from Vipair in the last few months?
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    Viper Gears

    On a Gen 3, I find the car much more fun to drive at around-town speeds with the 3.73 gears. Sounds better, too, because it is not bogged down at sub-2000 RPM all the time. With a Gen IV, the drive-by-wire throttle lag may make the car more touchy and jerky to drive with the lower gear ratio...
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    Baer Eradispeeds for sale

    Actually, Jon B at the Rack sells them for $1145/set of 4.
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    Changing Clutch Fluid

    You can use a small zip-tie to seal a soft, flexible hose to the hex bleeder.
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    Changing Clutch Fluid

    I use Motul 600 high performance brake fluid. It doesn't take that much for a clutch, as mentioned. Been using this stuff for years on my Ducati and the cool thing about it (other than its high temperature capacity) is that it doesn't seem to eat paint like most brake fluids do. I've had it...
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    If you are so far out in a parking lot that there are 20 empty spaces in a row, who really cares about lines anyway? I work near a lake, and you see ski boats with trailers taking 6 parking spots _way out in the lot_ in the town nearby. No one gives a hoot about it. Maybe it's an urban...
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    3.55 gears ?

    If I recall, these cars use a wheel speed sensor for the speedo, not a tranny sensor. Can anyone confirm this? Don't have my shop manual available...
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    Suggestions on smoothing out ride on a 2008 ACR

    The Super Sport tires will take care of some of the tram-lining and may ride a bit better too. You can have an alignment shop set the toe to make it less twitchy. Most people change to $$$ high-end coilovers like MCS or Motons to improve the ride on Vipers. 800 pound/in springs are commonly...
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    2008 viper removing resonators

    He did say that he wasn't referring to the "long muffler", so it must be the secondary cat (inside the side sills). Since they are after the O2 sensors, some people have had good luck simply gutting the internal core out of the secondary cats... less heat, more sound, and still may pass smog...
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    03 SRT10 Convertible Rattle

    Unusual that it happens only when on the throttle hard. Most Viper rattles seem to be road bump related. Makes me wonder about the condition of the CV joints in the left side half-shaft. Are you sure you're not wheel-hopping under hard acceleration (first and second gear)? Location high or...