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  1. Dhorn35

    Alarm set light/does not start

    Hello - Thank you! so i originally tried starting the car immediately after i took it off the tender. I waited a day then tried again and she started right up. I have not checked the battery voltage yet, but i am curious so i will test that and see what happens when i turn headlights on...
  2. Dhorn35

    Viper gts 1996 won’t start

    Thank you Steve for the NOTE OF CAUTION, much appreciated! Is there a special tender i should be using? I have a 1.25amp 12V battery tender, like the one i attached.
  3. Dhorn35

    Alarm set light/does not start

    Hello - I am having a similar problem. The battery died one me over the weekend, i put on a tender for 3 days. Now the car will start but only run for a couple seconds at most then die. The second attempt at starting it just cranked. Then the third time i tried feathering the throttle an it...