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    Other options than using a B-A-P?

    SNKBYT, I have the same issue; I am looking to go this route..! "LEP CNC Billet Fuel Hanger We have completed the CNC billet Fuel Hanger for both the Gen II & GenIII.. Features: CNC Billet aluminum Silent in tank operation Pumps stay cool Direct drop in-uses factory fuel float level...
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    Viper Christmas tree ornaments..... pic

    Ill take a Sneaky Pete for the tree!
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    My Viper Acr In Its New Home... Car Capsule.

    Looking to buy; what size did you guys buy? :headbang:
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    2007 Mopar Blast!!

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    2007 Mopar Blast

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    5 point harness

    Check these out! :headbang:
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    This Is It!!!!!! Viper Pics!

    Good choice!:headbang:
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    Exhaust Gases Carbon Monoxide

    Check the vents in the trunk; probably stuck open.:2tu: got an RT10
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    Jerry Lewis Car show-09/03/07-9a.m-4p.m

    See yah there!:headbang:
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    Jerry Lewis Car show-09/03/07-9a.m-4p.m

    See yah there!:headbang:
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    Anything in OHIO on 24-26 August?

    Hey, A couple of us are going to Indiana for there car show. " IN/KY VCA event...Kokomo, IN...Aug.25-26... As of today, July 24,2007, I have been able to secure rooms for members who wish to come in from out of town on August 25. The Courtyard Marriott has committed to give our members...
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    I have a favor to ask

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    GTS Mileage Poll

    37,800 on my 98 GTS
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    why does my bumper not say "Viper" " GTS" on it?

    "Is it possible that the previous owner had it taken off?" Yes
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    Joe Donovan?

    When we spoke last month he stated he would be back towards the end of the month. Hope this helps!
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    Joe Donovan?

    He's on vacation all month.
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    gauge installation pic anyone?

    I currently own the MBX "steering mounted pod" which I bought through Roe and worked out great. You can see the tach and speedo with no problems; I also installed my meth led in the pod also.
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    Roe blower seized; time for Turbos???

    There are two bolt holes loacted on each side of the top plate that you use to screw bolts into to break the seal.
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    Best Wheels for a Gen II GTS ???

    Cal-Chrome. Closer pic:
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    Best Wheels for a Gen II GTS ???

    CCW-SP16A's 19/20's chromed!!:2tu:
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    Anyone from Toledo?

    Findlay here; just 45 minutes north to Toledo.
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    billet valve covers

    How much would they cost without the logo?
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    MBX Gen II Steering Column Gauge Pods

    I bought the mech. guage. Will all the plumbing and wires fit in the unit? :2tu:
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    MBX Gen II Steering Column Gauge Pods

    Any tips on installing the pod and the guage. :2tu: