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    2002 RT/10 Door Adjustment

    Hello All, Does anyone know a shop in South Texas that has experience adjusting doors that have hung and are out of line? I tried following a YouTube video, but don't want to damage, so I stopped. Thank you!
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    Looking for 2002 Water pump

    Hi, took my good running 02 RT/10 to dealer to change oil and flush radiator, for upkeep, got it back then it overheated. Now supposedly water pump leaking and needs thermostat. Do you sell pumps, do core charges, etc? Just sitting outside the lot. Thoughts? Thanks
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    Gen 2 Air Conditioning parts

    Hello Viper Lovers, I have a 2002 RT/10 and ac went out. I got it filled, and it went out again, so have issue with the lines. Does anyone know where I can get parts for the ac? Here are the items I need: -5245035AB -04848164 -5264924AB please message me if you know. Thank you! It's hot...
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    02 RT/10 Best Sales Sites

    Haven't tried.
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    02 RT/10 Best Sales Sites

    Hello, hate to do it, but building a new home, where is the best place to sell my pristine 2002 Graphite Grey both tops, full Ballenger exhaust, gen black wheels new tires, and all original parts. 19k miles. I know these are going to go up in price, but may have no choice. Thanks you,
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    2000-02 RT/10 Search

    I am back and forth with my 2002 Graphite 18k mile RT. It has some mods but all original parts as well.
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    2002 RT Full Borla Exhaust

    Hi Guys, Love my 02!! This is my second, back in 96 I had a 94! I bought it with a full cat back Belanger exhaust. My son has Autism and it's a bit loud for him. Any suggestions to bring it down just a bit? Thank you!
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    2002 RT/10 Door Gap

    Thank you all! Body shop lifted it and all original parts no paint work. Called the previous owner, who is top notch guy, and no accidents. never noticed it.
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    2002 RT/10 Door Gap

    Hi Guys, I am new to this, so not sure if pic went through. I purchased an awesome 02 in Graphite. No accidents on report, and took it to my body shop guy, and all looks clean, but there is a weird gap on the driver side, where the black plastic panel by the door handle, meets the body. Not...