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    Gen 2 parts for sale

    Its probably a generic switch from that era. Can you snap a pic of the back side of the dash where it mounts? I could probably figure out if it I can use any switch from back then in it.
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    Gen 2 parts for sale

    I imagine it uses a generic late 90s early 00s chrysler switch. Can you snap a pic of the back side of the that switch location? Not sure what shipping to atlanta looks like either.
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    Gen 2 parts for sale

    Any chance that dash also has the keyswitch airbag disable pieces too?
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    97 GTS Steering PLay

    I went ahead and replaced the inner and outer tie rods. All of the wiggle is gone now. I also noticed the sway bar end links were shot, so I am replacing those too. I will look in to the solid steering rack bushings as a project for next winter.
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    97 GTS Steering PLay

    I have a little bit of play in the steering of my 97 GTS with 49k miles and took this video looking up from the bottom of the car while the front wheels were off the ground and I moved the wheels side to side with out moving the steering wheel. When I move the tire and watch with my eyes, there...
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    Any Viper Mechanice in Atlanta Georgia ?

    I've been taking my Gen2 to Palmer Dodge, but would love if there was an independent shop.
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    Gen 2 Air Conditioning parts

    I think the AC is the most common reason I take my GTS to the shop. I tried doing things on my own with dye, but those guys have better machines for testing AC. Did you have a leak test performed? One time it was only an o-ring that needed to be replaced for me. If you see them on Ebay, I...
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    Radiator recore

    Not sure where in GA you are, but a fellow local GEN II owner told me to go to these guys when I suspected mine of leaking. They pressure tested it (told me it was not leaking), cleaned it up and returned it to me. Cost about $100.