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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    LOL! cool i total understand... Still great on the spray...
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Tony, Once again nice. Any runs with out the spray?
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    oil pump

    John thanks for the reply, Nice hearing from you. Are you going to make it back up here anytime soon (Road America)? The cover and pump I have are in good shape, well in spec per the shop manual. I'm putting a motor together and was just going to replace the pump with a new one due to the cost...
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    oil pump

    I'm looking for a new OEM oil pump 03-04. if someone as one. Maybe you order one and never used it. Please let me know. PM or posted it here. There seem to be a nationwide back order on them. Thanks. :crazy2:
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    NEW TA SPoiler for SRT10 Convertibles - In the making!

    Steve Any updates, also would like to see the outcome.
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    Boy. Some some people are so fickle.

    Bob Congrats!! on the new car need to see some pictures when you can.
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    RSI Twin Turbo 1250 Gen 5 SRT Viper Heading to Idaho|

    Nixon's SRT WOW, take this as a compliment, "never to get on your bad side". I mean that respectfully.
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    Rebuild cost on Gen-3 motor

    I have a Arrow Racing rebuild motor with only 3500 miles on it. Pulling it soon to put in my supercharger motor. $6200 and it's your.
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    Oem mopar car cover

    Thanks guys for the link and info.
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    Oem mopar car cover

    Guys I was wondering were is a good place to find the OEM car cover and bag ( other that the dealership) for a SRT-10 Vert and what is the price range. Thanks for any info or links.:)
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    First Gen 5 Viper in the 10s!

    Tony Congrats!!! and well done as always. I like the way you always give as much detail about mods and your runs.
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    Back in a viper...

    Nice, like the red/black combo.
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    New mods for the 08 with pictures!!!

    Looks nice, I like it. Don't drive it much? Rotor seem a bit rusty from sitting.
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    Video of a bunch of 9 second passes.

    Tony, Nice, what's the tire combo you are running. Let me know if you ever want to sell them. LOL..
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    Video of my car

    Nice, post the out come on the last tune when you can.
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    White SRT-10 with my new C7 Z51 White

    LOL !! How true, don't forget "cruise control". That would have gotten you banned..
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    White SRT-10 with my new C7 Z51 White

    Nice, how do you like it so far?
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Tony Thanks for the reply but I was asking because you are running the " Bad Boyzz Clutch" and I was thinking the rating was 1300lbs tq at the wheel? That why I asked. Got to say the car runs strong.
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Tony Nice job, any runs on just motor? Any thought on why the clutch did not hold?