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    Hood Screens

    I have an 05 that I was able to procure an 08 hood for. The grilles are out there. You can find them on ebay every once in a while the main viper parts suppliers have them as well. However they are not cheap oem you are looking $700-$900 for a set of 6. Since they mount from underneath with a...
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    Slow cooling fan

    Hope yall do not mind me asking a question about my leak. I have a small leak due to the paxton intercooler tank it makes getting a good view of the power steering pump kinda hard. I have cleaned the AN fitting that you can see from the top of the engine bay and it is dry. So I am thinking the...
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    Odometer Lighting

    I just replaced all of mine. I fooled with several for 10 min getting them turned just right to work. I noticed the other day that one of mine is not working now. luckly it is just the battery meter. I'm waiting on an inner shift boot and i'll fool with it again during disassembly to replace that
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    *** Lockout

    I've been flpping between both sites since I got my '05. Mainly for technical, as the facebook forums are a pain to search through. I paid the membership dues over there for the past couple of years and I'm not gonna renew this year. Not many of their events around me and I don't have the time...
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    Oil Pressure

    passenger front of the engine mid ways down almost right in front of the header on a 05
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    Oil Pressure

    My 05 with a paxton starts off in the 80-90 range and once warmed up goes down to the 50ish range. Driving it will go back to the 70-80's. The sensor is not hard to get to. I was looking at mine because the temps were all over the place and at one point looked to be over heating. Come to find...
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    Gen 3 Alignment issues

    Appreciate the response. That must be what it is. The car is lowered and the rear is off according to the last place I took it to. They didn't have the tools to adjust the rear. Will call the place that I am taking it to on friday and make sure they can do it.
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    Anyone know where I can get one?

    I just ordered one and got it in a few weeks ago from I got an email that they didn't have it in stock and would take 2 weeks to get it in. However I got a shipment notification 4 days later and had it in a little over a week.
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    Gen 3 Alignment issues

    So I have had my car at 2 high end places (the do lambos, farrari, vetts etc and neither could align my 05. They stated that they didn't have the tools to do so after specifically asking if they could do it. The last place said that a hand held computer is needed. From what I have been reading...
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    Viper Parts Rack - My impression

    It it a step up to a little wider tire (355's in the rear, I don't remember the fronts). It gives a little extra sidewall for rim edge protection for those that run mainly on the street. I also had excellent service from JonB and running the bigfoot package on my 05
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    Personalizing my '05

    it is the Joying 8.8. It is a floating screen that literally plugs into the front of the din sized main head unit.
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    Personalizing my '05

    Found a oem 08 hood and replaced the first gen vipair hood: Old NEW Painted the vent grills red to match the calipers Added a better aftermarket radio that links with an obd module for extra gauges Also did the coupe gas door that I painted viper black but I don't have pics of that lol.
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    Gen 4 hood on a 2006 Coupe

    I have gen1 vipair gen4 hood on my '05. Bought it like that. Fit and qualty is just ok. I think the autofoam hoods and other body parts are the ones with the best fit that you can get right now. I've been looking at them as well to replace the one on mine vs having it fixed and repainted. I...
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    OBD monitoring app?

    So I just installed(finished today) a Pioneer 7600nex in my '17 ram.It currently reads some things by default by using the idatalink maestro. however I have a obdlinkmx that I also use with the torqe app and the obdlink app. They both are on android. That was something I was going to test as...
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    Louisiana viper clubs??

    Taking delivery of my first one a 2004 Commemorative edition hopefully wednesday. you know just because it will be raining all week. Don't know a whole lot on them but been doing a lot of reading. I'm in the livingston/EBR areas. Don't see too many vipers in the area just wondering how many are...