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    Gold Hurst 50th Anniversary Viper

    I like it, although I am not crazy about the matte finish, or the way they ran the stripes. I once had a gold Corvette, which I thought looked awesome; as it was different. Kind of like things that are different:)
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    HEY Yo Tony!

    Nice:) my Greek friend
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    My smashed viper

    Sorry to hear about the car, glad you weren't hurt. Just wondering what you did with the drunk; as I could think of a few things? and was he or she hurt?
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    Sad to report the passing of Charles Tator, Sr. (Chuck Tator's Dad)

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad. May he rest in peace. Prayers to you and your family.
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    Please PM me an e-mail addy, as for some reason I cannot send pms, and have rewritten my private message to you several times this morning with no success!!!!!
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    Trading in 2000GTS

    "Short changed" on the CC?? hmmmmm I leave it at that:mad: Thanks for the color combo
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    The VCA and SRT are very proud to present...

    Hi Chris!! First of all lets get something straight, I don't "lurk" I just browse:D Thanks for the color combo, not too bad. However I think I would reverse the pink and black, as I am definitely partial to black cars.;) Actually the all black looks pretty bad a$$.
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    Trading in 2000GTS

    After some careful thought, I've decided NOT to use the Viper in the trade. I am just going to purchase the Benz and sell the Viper in my own time, under my own terms.;)
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    Trading in 2000GTS

    Thanks so much for the input and pms. The car is solid black. I will post pics of the new ride when I get it;) When I originally went into Benz a couple of weeks ago, I negotiated a cash price on the new ride, never making any mention of any type of trade. After a couple of visits to the...
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    Trading in 2000GTS

    Well I am suppose to finalize a deal today with Benz, trading in my absolutely perfect 2000 Black/Black GTS, 10,500 miles, stock, and I am the original owner. Looking for some opinions on what is a fair deal with the trade (excluding the tax savings on my new purchase). Thanks
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    Horrifying Day !!

    That's what I was thinking too. Good thing you were able to think so quickly and efficiently. You saved their lives with your quick response. Glad to hear a happy ending to a potentially tragic situation. Be safe Laura
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    Hi Juli, nice to meet you as well. I am located on Long Island, close enough, but at the same time, far away enough from the City;) Yes, it is nice to have our own spot for a quick view of what is going on. Laura
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    I like this separate section for the New Yorkers, very nice!:) I haven't been on the site for a while, very cool new look and features.
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    Bald Hill Car Show Tuesday June 20th

    Yes, tons of cars at the old K-Mart parking lot on Hempstead Turnpike. Every Tuesday night. :cool:
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    Can always count on Tony. Thanks Sweetie ;)
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    Maybe someone from the site should respond to this concern, don't ya think??! ;)
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    What do you guys look like?

    Yep, I still love that picture ;)
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    BEST picture of your Viper post

    Now, was that a one way agreement? I thought it was a round trip deal? ;)
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    BEST picture of your Viper post

    Now that's a great car ;)
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    BEST picture of your Viper post

    Hi Mark. For those of you who don't know, this gentleman is the best! He is an extemely talented, and quality writer, and a great person. Viper mag is fortunate to have him.
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    BEST picture of your Viper post

    Although the red one wasn't my favorite, I always liked this picture. like these...especially black. and a very special Viper...
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    Hampton's Lunch Cruise (Long Island, NY) July 31st

    Re: Hampton\'s Lunch Cruise (Long Island, NY) July 31st Great idea...oh wait, I have a Coupe ;)