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    Newest Autoform Hardtop Design

    Looks really nice! Maybe a closer pic for the side rear glass area.
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    Engine Start

    Sounds like no fuel pressure,I like to see exactly where im at with Air/Fuel and fuel pressure. Maybe just a filter problem?
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    Took Some Pics of New Wheels

    Looks Great! Just lower it. Are those 12 or 13 inch wide rims in the back? What exactly are those Mt tires? :dunno:
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    Ladies about your reptile..

    Most don't say a thing, but the ones that do are happy to tell you... so Im never sure what they are thinking. It doesn't matter to me anyway.
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    A dealership that is calling it Dodge SRT Viper...

    I agree, that is what it is and should be.
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    Beyond The 2014 Viper?

    +1 That would be nice to see a Super viper. Or you can go to RSI for now until others get the software. The guy just comes off as looking for a job.
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    World's First Gen 5 Viper Twin Turbo By RSI

    How much and how much? Wait I dont have a genv. Good work anyway!
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    Recent picture of my Viper

    Whatever you did on the height it looks damn perfect just like my car. Excellent pics! :2tu:
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    GTS guys spraying juice

    I used these plates. And I ran a bottle heater it sucked, my brother ran nano nitrogen assist and it is really great...
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    Dashboard carbon fiber trim

    I think the vipairper looks great!
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    New pics

    I am a fan! :2tu: looks great
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    New Top from Autoform

    Ok Can you tell me or PM me the cost i might have to have one. Also I have a Autoform roll you think that top will work if it sticks up over the frame support? What is the clearance at that point?
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    Track Pack Wheels on ACR

    This looks awesome!
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    Dodge Viper GTS Outlaw Dragster Crashes into Wall

    The car went so hard right I wonder if he broke an axle. :dunno: That does suck. I hope he gets it back together.
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    One Strykingly Sexy Snake!

    Awesome pictures congrats on the color combo it rocks!:headbang:
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    Another KILLER build from Sean Roe- TT set up

    Congrats! You will love it.
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    SRT Tour Stop - LE #150 comes out

    Love all the images but the wheel gap is out of control yikes! :omg:
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    Customer Issue... am I out of line?

    I cant understand how he could expect you to take back custom pistons? He ordered them, if he thinks its easy to sell them, he can find someone to buy them right. I can see if he stopped the order on the gen 2 pistons... but it seems they were already completed? Maybe im missing something...
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    Junkman's "All About Claying 101" Video

    Now how often should I clay my car? :rolaugh: Great video I wish you could detail my cars, you rock!
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    Gen V dyno - New Vid

    Ya thats a little weak. :crazy2: Still looks good but ill stick with my gen2. :cool:
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    Visor Warning Labels

    if there is i might get some as well. :dunno:
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    Couple of Photos

    Lower it and get some not a fan of those although some are. Nice pics!! :2tu:
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    I have a killer car!!

    Doves are flying rats, you did the right thing just check your trunk...their bodies are probably both in there .heh :drive: j/k
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    RSI Twin Turbo First Edition

    Looks great congrats!