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    Searching for a hardtop/windows setup

    Great looking top! Who makes it?
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    Gen 4 Rear Differential Removal

    In replacing your Gen 3 differential with a Gen 4, did you have any guidelines to go by in reference to what changes/new parts would be required to complete this swap? What Gen 3 parts could be reused? Thanks.
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    Noise from the rear end in SRT 10

    Had the same issue with my 2004 recently. Found out I was supposed to change differential fluid and additive every 24,000 miles- mine had 27,000. After dealer changed fluid and additive, grinding noise disappeared.
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    Looking for a very well kept Viper Mamba

    2004 Viper Mamba Roadster for sale. All original, no mods whatsoever, except Viper alarm. White, black top Mamba red/black interior. Garage kept, never driven in rain. 27,000 miles, 3rd owner. Excellent condition. All factory Viper/Mamba accessories included. ViperMamba #176 of 200. $50k.