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    a prayer for my daughter tonight would be appreciated

    prayed for your daughter peace
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    Boy. Some some people are so fickle.

    those pics are killin' me :omg: what a beauty
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    Boy. Some people are so fickle.

    congrats bob! :drive:
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    CORSA Year-End-Closeout

    about time JonB :headbang: glwts
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    ACR Fatality in Kuwait: RIP

    very sad, RIP
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    My Observations about VCA - This is NOT Good

    i'd be repping some folk in this thread if possible :2tu: :nono:
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    Hello from Italy!

    your language is fine good luck with your search
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    New to America, New to a Viper.

    welcome to here :tx:
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    Anyone need an autocheck?

    i don't need 1 now, but mighty generous, thanks
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    Traded in GTR for new Viper!

    congrats, looking fwd to more of your driving impressions vs. the gtr :drive:
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    treesnake, hope your peepers are 100% soon you do have some bad rides :2tu:
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    VCA back to the same old routine

    JonB :omg: :headbang: :drive:
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    Gen V Dyno Pulls with Nitrous!

    man-o-man :omg: outstanding :2tu: thanks
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    WOW! Rude Viper Owner

    maybe b/c he .....(sorry, chickened out) not the typical viper owner i saw a 98 gts in costco's parking lot when the owner cam out and we had a good viper chat for 20 minutes your guy must secretly want a vette :dunno:
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    Saying bye and giving an apology

    you were patient enough, keeping you happy during the ordeal would have been simple thanks for the thread
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    ok, i've remained quiet, but this is just wrong :nono:
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    Viper Saga...part deux

    i love my gen 2 too, but that wobble was from bad mounts (motor &/or tranny)
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    I had to shed a tear yesterday.

    tick tock tick tock ..... not to jinx ya, but.....