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    Transmission Fluid in Gen III

    I'm looking at doing a transmission fluif change on my 05 Viper. After doing some searching on this in both this site and the Viper truck site. I have a 2005 Ram SRT-10. I found info over there about using Amsoil ATF for the T56. We filled the T56 with the Amsoil ATF when we replaced the...
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    96 Gen 2 motor in 94 gen 1?

    keep me in mind if you sell it please
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    96 Gen 2 motor in 94 gen 1?

    LOL, right now its a GMC Typhoon motor with a 4-71 blower making about 470hp. I really want the viper motor for the looks and the sound
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    96 Gen 2 motor in 94 gen 1?

    What are you going to do with your Gen 1 motor? I'mthinking about going with a viper motor in my 1932 Dodge sedan with a Roe SC.
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    Want 18" Forgestars? Group purchase and PATIENCE required.

    Tony, put me down for a set of 18/19. I want the brushed #22 Ti please. shoot me your paypal address so I can get my deposit in. If it happens I'll get Kris to pick them up for me. Scott Bennett
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    360 Forged Concave 5 all chrome

    Dub edition? Did you check out the new Dub edition Novitec Rosso 599 GTB, They are using the 20/21 combo. Oh wait if you one pulled up next to you, would you really think "oh look a Dub edition"?? I'd think not. I bet you would need to roll your tounge back up and think what a nice car it is. I...
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    Not sure if it's just me, ac fan speed seems low even on high

    Catch it before it takes out the resister. those are pricey for what they are. Mine did this and poped the resister on the way out. I replaced the fan but after sitting in the car upside down for 30 min I didnt do the resister so it only has high for now.
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    Another V10 to feed

    I'm thinking about the Roe SC kit for mine. I dont worry about MPG much anyway.
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    Another V10 to feed

    it is in the worst way.. I was nice to it on the highway and still could only get 12mpg at best. But we dont buy these autos for the MPG anyways.
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    Another V10 to feed

    I know its not as fast as the Viper but the SRT 10 trucks are fun.
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    Gen 3 intake manifold

    That would be great. I plan on documenting every step on this build.
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    Gen 3 intake manifold

    I looking for a cheap intake manifold. I don't care if it is ugly or scratched up. My intent is to cut the top off, build an internal plate TIG weld it in and then build a top plate to TIG on to mount a 4.2L or better blower on. Please let me know if you have one for $300 or less or know...
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    What would you like to see as the NEW Engine for the Gen V Viper?

    I'm not a track racer, but I do enjoy a car with a ton of power. V10 + Roots style = :) Just what I'd like to see.
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    What would you like to see as the NEW Engine for the Gen V Viper?

    Why not just have two options much like the Vette, a high performance motor (V8 or V10) for the road and a all out supercharged V10 for the die hard Viper guys. This would open up some sales for SRT. If they go all out I'd like to see an all Aluminum V10 semi-hemi with a 4L supercharger. They...
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    Autoform Rollbar Guys .. lil help

    Is it SOP at tracks to run verts top down? I'd think that the turbulance with the top down would upset the car so much that it just wouldnt be fun. I know when I run the twisted sisters I have to put the top up or the car is really unsettled.
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    0-60 and 1/4 mile times?

    Watch drag racing a Gen 3 with a stock rear diff. If you wheel hop you could frag your diff. I tried launching my vert in first and got too much wheel hop and ended up breaking one maij cap into three pcs, and stipping the teeth of of two spiders. Then I was goated into racing my buddies '10...
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    ** COUPE PARTS NEEDED ** to help one of Ours!!!

    There's a reason we say "same team, same fight". Maybe we'll run into each other someday when your ready to get back into it Nick. If not in Iraq, there is always Afghanistan. Get better and enjoy that very nice Viper!
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    ** COUPE PARTS NEEDED ** to help one of Ours!!!

    No coupe parts, sorry, but hope you mend quickly Nick. Steve, i know you hekp us service members out a lot- Thank you. And thank you all for donating to help get this soldiers car up and going. Would it be against the club rules to get a pot going to maybe get Nick some custom stiching in his...
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    Anyone have a pic of a Viper next to a Bandit Trans Am?

    I have a couple more if interested.
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    Anyone have a pic of a Viper next to a Bandit Trans Am?

    I'll try to post one up tonight of a 1981 "Bandit" and a gen 3 vert.
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    I used to own a Viper

    I love the twisted sisters, great drive! I just got my bumper painted from the last time I went out there. The truckers like to drag one tire on the side to spray cars with rocks that try to pass them. I've got to wait about 3 weeks to put the 3M covering on to go at it again.
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    2003 Hydra-Loc Differential

    My diff in the '05 broke the first time I took it to the Strip. This was the first time I reaced it and started out as just a place to put in a SCT tune and give it some wide open time. The very first run I heard a loud pop. The second run I was taking it easy off the line so I started off...
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    Tire Choice for Everyday Ride?

    I put about 12K/yr on mine. I took the run flats off the second month I had it. I've been using the Kumhos since. I love them. They're not very pricey and seem to last, even with my kind of driving. I've taken the car to a couple of fun runs through the Twisted Sisters here in San Antonio and...
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    I'm i the process of building a ACR Vert. The car is silver with a CF center. I'm looking at Expel to cover the needed bumper area with CF look Expel coating then clear the reat of the area. It will have a Red drivers stripe with silver accent lines. If anyone has already done this please let...