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  1. TA Hawk

    Fuel Door Black Out Options

    I’m trying to help a member trying to get information about his car. There is no profit in reading the information on either site so why are you so offended by it? No wonder there is not a lot of information or interaction on this site. Since you want nothing to do with me I will stop trying to...
  2. TA Hawk

    Fuel Door Black Out Options

    I’m not sure why this web site does this foolish block out of the letters. PM me and I can send you an email with the info Good Luck Dennis
  3. TA Hawk

    Fuel Door Black Out Options

    Changing the door is easy . In a nut shell remove the rear tire and fender liner. Remove the 4 nuts holding the cap cover from the fender. Loosen up the hose clamp and separate it from the fuel neck. You do not need to clip the ground wire. I believe mine unbolted. It is a specific process in...
  4. TA Hawk

    Recommended oil for heads/cam

    I use the Mobil One 15-50 , but my car is used mostly for track days. I test my oil a couple times a year and the samples always look good. My only recommendation the thicker oil is to let the car really warm up before getting on it.
  5. TA Hawk

    Powder coat brake calipers

    I think it looks good with black calipers and body paint the viper logo on the caliper red. That’s how it is on my TA black W/orange letters
  6. TA Hawk

    Performance Pages

    What happen to your performance pages?
  7. TA Hawk

    ARH, Belanger, Emissions in GA

    Here are some pictures to hep you see what is under the hood and sills. Picture of the headers and collector pipe. The collector connects directly to the cats and then the muffler. You can see below there is an O2 on the collector and one on the Cat
  8. TA Hawk

    ARH, Belanger, Emissions in GA

    These are set up for the stock muffler and Belanger headers. I also have a pair of in the box new rear O2 sensors and extension wires for them( you will need the extensions for the new location of the rear O2 sensors). You will need to wrap them well in heat protection. I can send you pics of...
  9. TA Hawk

    ARH, Belanger, Emissions in GA

    My 2014 with Belanger headers and hi flow cats and a Prefix PMC passed Mass inspection. In my state they just plug in under the dash. If the computer is not indicating a problem is will pass. I pulled my Belanger cats off and went with a cat delete pipe I could sell u mine. I do think your best...
  10. TA Hawk

    Purchasing help between SRT or ACR

    I turned my TA into a “fake” ACR. It cost about $35k ,that includes the entire Aero and coil overs . In my opinion if your buying it to drive it it’s a much better option than buying an ACR unless you have money to throw around Here is the write up I did on the other Viper Form...
  11. TA Hawk

    Gen V OEM Exhaust System

    I have manifolds and cats
  12. TA Hawk

    WTB Sidewinders

    I have a set of new OEM Venoms with P- zeros (50% tread left) on them for sale
  13. TA Hawk

    TA 1.0 Aero

    Xtreme Super Cars makes them in CF and fiberglass. They make every component for the Viper Aero’s on all models Drop Laurelle an email [email protected]