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    New wheels and tires Or Just new Tires ?

    Paulb7546, after a few months on the Toyo tire how do you like them? Thanks, Mike
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    Thoughts on pricing for this Viper

    I have saw plenty of nice Gen II GTS in the mid 40k range for sale lately with usually 10k to 20k miles on them. The lower 2k or 3k miles cars are usually around 50k.
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    2002 ACR 4k miles / need new tires?

    What size rear tire are you guys ordering from Tire Rack? They haven't had any of the Michelin 335-30-18 tires since October 2015.
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    2002 ACR 4k miles / need new tires?

    Tires need to be replaced. I'm going through the same thing and replacing tires isn't that easy. The only really choice and that's not a good one in my opinion for a Gen II that is street driven is the Toyo and that's around $1,700. You'll need to update wheels to a different size if you want a...