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    SSG ACR's in Canada.

    #30 is in Florida :)
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    *Orlando, Fl Cars and Cafe 2-26-11*

    On a trip to Southern California, a good friend of mine had an experience that left a lasting impression on him- literally. He was invited to go “carting” and like most people, he mistook this renowned sporting activity for the tame variant immortalized in cult classics like Super Mario Cart...
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    *Orlando, Fl Cars and Cafe 1-29-11*

    Probably the most important part about the “New Year” is the fact that it is “New.” Take into account that this country thrives on reinvention and the freshness of a second chance and the New Year can become an opportunity to truly change EVERYTHING about one’s life. If you can embrace that...
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    *Orlando, Fl Cars and Cafe, Toys for Tots 12/18/10*

    We look forward to have you back and thank you for your time in the Marine. God Bless.
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    *Orlando, Fl Cars and Cafe, Toys for Tots 12/18/10*

    Christmas is for children. But it is for grownups too. Even if it is a headache, a chore, and nightmare, it is a period of necessary defrosting of chill and hide-bound hearts." ~ Lenora Mattingly Weber (1895-1971), American author. This tidbit of wisdom would resonate with many Americans even...
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    *Orlando, Fl Cars and Cafe 11/27/10*

    According to the history books, the first Thanksgiving Feast occurred back in 1621 but it was not until 1863, some 200 years later that President Abraham Lincoln proclaims “Thanksgiving Day” as a national holiday. The lessons that come with this understanding are significant and many but in this...
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    Cars and Cafe' - Orlando

    pics from 10/30/10 Cars and Cafe Orlando Cars and Café 10.30.10 - a set on Flickr All Photos - ORLANDO CAR PHOTOGRAPHY (Orlando, FL) - Meetup Rides
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    2010 SSG Viper ACR arrival.

    congratulations! What number of 30 is yours?
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    Bought new ACR today. TOMBALL ROCKS!

    congrats! enjoy in best of health.
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    Dodge Viper Cup (ACR-x) Race #1 TV on Sat 7/24

    I didn't notice but that would be interesting.
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    Gallardo vs. Ford GT

    If u are over 6 feet get gallardo because u will not fit properly in a fgt.
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    Blue and Black thread pt2 (ACR edition)

    :2tu::2tu::headbang: all I'm sayin:usa: