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    Looking for 1993 Soft Top in any condition

    I can check to see what I have left but I have some parts from my original top. What are you looking for specifically? Do you have an early vinyl top or the latter cloth?
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    Gen 1 Dash refinishing with original soft touch feel and color!

    Regarding the black you can see if you have an Eastwood store in your neck of the woods. If you do they sell their brand of paint in a tuxedo black satin finish which is not glossy. Good black for a dash. This comes in a rattle can so you wont be spending an arm and a leg to have a painter spray...
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    Gen 1 Dash refinishing with original soft touch feel and color!

    The 91% alcohol is a bit strong. I use the 70% and it worked just fine. For wiping it down use some old denim as it will bite into the softened stick mess. WEAR vinyl gloves from Harbor Freight so you dont get your hands coated in the tar like mess. Good luck.
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    Sourcing Obsolete Parts For Gen I and Gen II Vipers

    Gen I rear differential plug. I can't remember if its the fill or drain. What I have found is that some places say they have it but what they send is not even close. Be careful removing it as the metal is soft as I believe its aluminum and easy to start rounding off the corners. No one has it...
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    Rocker panel moulding Gen I on Gen II

    Autoform is in Holland Michigan area and not Illinois. But if you want a pair of their side sills I have a pair that have never been installed.
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    CC's dominate Phoenix race weekend

    Re: CC\'s dominate Phoenix race weekend Congratulations Frank and the rest of the Arizona racers. It is great to see that the car is doing so well in the capable hands of the people it was built for. I pass along great amounts of appreciation to you and the others who campaigned (on this web...
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    1st Post... 550 Marnanello Vs. 03' SRT-10

    Re: 1st Post... 550 Marnanello Vs. 03\' SRT-10 Bob, Luckily for you live in the epicenter of Viper Club road racing. They have the oldest and most experienced VCA Regional club in the country. Check out their web site for all the latest news. Since you are a Ferrari convert maybe we will...
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    04 serious buyers - white or yellow

    I would take one in Copperhead or Prowler orange if I had my choice but, I saw the white (indoors) and even though I would hate to clean it I would take it as long as the interior is as I saw. Also I wonder what it would look like in a medium blue. Corvettes (uuhg) have had a good looking blue...
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    Comp Coupe Update in the CC section...

    Thanks Markus. I explored a little last night and found it. Jerry looking forward to seeing some more pictures. I have pictures of Russ' car as it was leaving the plant and Franks as it was in stage 7 body panels. Also have pics of chassis 3 and 5 before bodies. Happened to be there the day...
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    Comp Coupe Update in the CC section...

    Why can't I find the CC section? The only way I was able to link was because Jerry provided the link. Where are we hiding it?
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    Going it Alone to the GA Supreme Court: VCA balks on assistance

    Our local club had a recent general membership meeting and the insurance issue was brought up. The Illinois region has been doing road racing track events since 95 so we have many members who will be effected. However, I think that since many Vipers have been balled up in the past, and then...
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    Does the reservation certificate date affect delivery of the SRT?

    Brian you may want to check the date you typed in. It doesn't look right.
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    Comp Coupe debuts at Willow Springs

    Congrats Russ for being the first owner to wring one out on the track. Saw your car leave the factory on January 10th and it's good to see that the Archers made sure you were ready to go this weekend.
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    Colors for 2004 - any update

    Joe I believe the paint code for the white maybe SBF. Anyways, I think the orange rendition looked great. Build Orange, Orange, Orange..... like Craigs photoshop rendering (it looked like an orange pearl). The white is definately not pearl.
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    Colors for 2004 - any update

    Although I was never a big fan of white (having had to clean a white one before), do not dismiss this choice so quickly. Other visual enhancements may really make this a great combination. The new SSBF paint code is supposedly a knockout in person but it will have to go through a lot of testing...
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    Need some info on CALIFORNIA cars

    I made a mistake in my original post....its "Tier 1" and not "Title 1" which designates California EPA approval. The stickers were delivered to the plant last Friday so I presume that left coast Vipers are heading down the line.
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    SRT Raffle viper

    No Comp Coupe Raffles until I can officially buy a ticket.
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    Need some info on CALIFORNIA cars

    New York and Massachusetts are 2 of the 4. I can't comment on the other 2 states listed. Anyone from either of those states who can confirm if your state requires California certification?
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    Comp Coupe Update

    I also had an opportunity to spend quite a lot of time at the plant on Friday and witnessed the completion of Job One which was Russ Oasis' car, chassis C-2. It was rolled out to the waiting Archer trailer late on Friday afternoon. There was a lot of pride on the faces of those who constructed...
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    Original 1992 -Rent A Car -Viper For Sale On Ebay

    There were actually 2 cars. One orange and one lime green. They have historical signifigance but they were privateer entries and not factory backed. Still valuable in the future but not a real race car by GTS-R standards. Modified street cars. I remember that they had tranny issues when they raced.
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    Need some info on CALIFORNIA cars

    Now for the official word from PVO on the California cars. I just returned from the VCA national meeting (held in Detroit this weekend) and this very question was answered yesterday. When the cars are sent to be certified by the EPA they are 50 state certified however, California requires...
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    CAAP Pickup in '04?

    Re: CAAP Pickup in \'04? I believe I remember that the truck would be assembled in St. Louis with the motor being assembled at CAAP.
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    400 mph V-10 Motorcycle

    Hostile your Avitar shows a 2001 Gen II in the dark blue color. What happened to the NACA duct on the hood? Did you replace the stock hood with a smoothie? Looks really sharp.
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    Clutchless transmission?

    Illinois Region club member Ron Adee, had a similar sounding tranny in his One Lap of America Viper last year. I think it was out of Australia. Trick but expensive, from what I remember.
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    Fog lights on an ACR?

    From what I understand the harness is there all you need are the lamps and mounting brackets. Recently saw that Snake Oyl sells a fog lamp kit for ACR owners who want driving lights. You can check with your local dealer as well.

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