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    New TV Viper appearance

    Nutty Professor Viper Scene LOL
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    New Owner... Thought I should come clean...

    I think it is great, I love your YouTube channel, will be following closely! In fact I just noticed you are in St. Pete, I'm just south in Sarasota, would love to meet up and see it in person sometime!
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    Selling my '94

    X2 I'd like to see that a little closer as well :D
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    Gen 1 owners ... Please report

    94 Owner here. I get the window thing, especially OEM. I had Steve at Autoform build me a top and window package and it looks so much better. But functionality wise, I agree, it is a pain with Gen 1 windows. I basically leave everything on the car now (Top/Windows) and just run a/c. But it...
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    Opinions on aftermarket clutch Master & Slave Cylinders

    Agreed, I've run Exedy in other turbo cars and so I feel comfortable with them, so far so good :D
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    Been awhile

    Holy $hit that silver Viper :omg:
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    Scratched the car already!

    Yep, good advice to learn to live with it, I scratch mine all the time. My paint is show winning everywhere except under that facia, it is scratched all to hell. If I was to repaint it would just get scratched again really quick unfortunately.
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    Opinions on aftermarket clutch Master & Slave Cylinders

    I've been running an aftermarket Exedy master in mine for 2 years, feels much better than the OEM original that blew out through my firewall and left me stranded and was not expensive.
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    How to bleed the clutch?

    Steve's advice is always excellent and he has certainly saved my ass a time or two :D I had the clutch master break on me (physically shot out in the engine bay lol) and when I got it all back together nothing I did could get the air out. I stayed under the car forever squirting it out and...
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    Viper stuff / worth?

    Dude what the hell kind of movie were you watching lol.
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    A little surprised ...but not really...

    Interesting thread, I'll give my .02 on this. From what I see, car show "judges" are just regular ol' people unless we are talking a concours event or something. They have no idea how to really judge anything, so they just mark what they like. So what this means is if you get a trophy it is...
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    Towing with 2 wheel dolly

    Pretty sure you have to remove the driveshaft, even in neutral I think you can damage the tranny, could be wrong but I think I remember reading it when researching trailering options. I would rent a uhaul auto transport, they are very nice.
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    Just noticed I haven't posted in this thread, here are mine
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    Towing The Viper - A 1000 Mile Journey On A Uhaul Trailer :D

    As a finale to my other thread I asked a while ago here about the Uhaul trailer: I decided to follow up for all those considering towing the car. I decided after speaking with a good friend on the...
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    I just spoke to a boat/car shrink wrapper who was a really nice guy and offered a lot of advice. He suggested using a low tack tape as well b/c he said even shrink wrapping like you see on a boat will move back and forth a 1/2" the whole time you are trailering. I found this from Uline and it...
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    I was also thinking about the painters tape and/or clear protection route as well. Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to put a couple layers on the places that might get pelted.
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    I agree with you, however what I've read is the problem is that the tow vehicle "shoots" debris at the car non stop, that is what I'm trying to prevent.
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    Hi Jeff, Yes, I read about that too, but I guess I'm thinking that maybe b/c I'm using the 17' Uhaul truck as well it may be a non issue. Here is a dimensional view of the truck, you can see how far forward the wheels sit and they have good size mud flaps, wouldn't that stop anything damage...
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    Another Towing Viper Uhaul Thread / Question

    I opted to start a new thread vs. posting to a much older one and I have read every thread I could find about towing a Viper on a Uhaul. Situation is I moved about 1000 miles away and need to get my car down here, I prefer to tow my own car vs throwing the keys to a transport company, just the...
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    It is ironic to me that everything cool for cars seem to come out of CA but they are the worst place to actually use a cool car :dunno:
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    Gen 1 Viper Needed For Photo Shoot In LA for Petrolicious!

    Not sure what you mean? The article didn't say "all original" (although I have all the original parts) in fact it mentions custom things that were done, and the car is a 94, but thanks for the compliment :D
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    Gen 1 Viper Needed For Photo Shoot In LA for Petrolicious!

    Hey guys, a few months ago my car was featured on and my contact there reached out to me today. They are needing a Gen 1 Viper for a photo shoot on a story in LA, if any of you guys are near there and have a Gen 1 Viper and would like your car professionally photographed and...
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    Autoform products picture thread - Lets see what you have! (All years)

    Autoform Fastback Top / Windows & TA Wing! Now just get that 6 vent Gen 1 hood going!!!!!