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  1. viperstoo

    1999 Invitational memorabilia

    Viva Las Vegas 1999 Invitational commemorative chairs. Only used at the event but the logo is showing deterioration due to age. $50.00 plus shipping. Buck Walsh, [email protected]
  2. viperstoo

    VOI 6 Rollin on the River (St Louis) goodie bag

    Frank: I have trouble navigating the Viper site so if you don’t mind sending your address to me at [email protected] I can work on getting the bag to you. Thanks. Buck
  3. viperstoo

    VOI6 die-cast

    Bonkers: Finally moved in if you are still interested in the die cast let me know. Thanks. Buck Walsh
  4. viperstoo

    VOI 6 Rollin on the River (St Louis) goodie bag

    Frank: Finally moved in and unpacked. If you still want the VOI 6 bag let me know. Thanks. Buck Walsh
  5. viperstoo

    VOI 6 Rollin on the River (St Louis) goodie bag

    Ok, thanks. I’ll give you shout once Iam unpacked. Buck
  6. viperstoo

    VOI 6 Rollin on the River (St Louis) goodie bag

    Frank: We are in the process of building a new home and have put our furnishings in storage until mid-March. Unfortunately the viper stuff is there as well. If you are still interested in late spring let me know. Thanks. Buck Walsh [email protected]
  7. viperstoo

    VOI6 die-cast

    Bonkers: Ooops, I slipped up. We just put our household goods into storage while we build a new place and I didn't realize these models went into storage. If you still want one in March or April let me know. Sorry for the foul up. Thanks, Buck Walsh [email protected]
  8. viperstoo

    BBS wheel (one)

    This is a repaired 10X18 BBS front wheel off my GTS. I had it repaired for display in my garage after an encounter with a curb. I did not want to risk using it so I relegated it to display duty. My wife says it is time to get rid of this as we are moving and she is downsizing (for me too, I...
  9. viperstoo

    VOI6 die-cast

    Limited edition Rollin on the River 1:43 die-cast of VOI6 raffle car. Have three 1773/2000, 1791/2000 and 1797/2000. $25.00 each plus shipping.
  10. viperstoo

    VOI 6 Rollin on the River (St Louis) goodie bag

    Bag contains Water bottle, two black caps with VOI 6 logo, travel mug, ladies scarf, fanny pack/pouch, athletic gray logo tee shirt, wood puzzle, binoculars, red and black afghan, red logo umbrella, VOI6 button, note book w/calculator, History of Dodge VHS, and a CD titled "magic carpet...
  11. viperstoo

    Needed: 1996 soft top

    Thanks. I've been a viper owner since buying my original '95 in December of '94 so I've been associated with the Viper crowd for quite awhile. You would think that with all the wrecked vehicles, and with the top fitment being pretty much year specific, that there would be more than enough to...
  12. viperstoo

    Needed: 1996 soft top

    Just bought a '96 RT/10 and only got an after market hardtop with the car. Don't need a show quality top but would like a decent one if I can find it. Thanks
  13. viperstoo

    How many were made?

    RT/10's were only produced for three months, until the GTS production started. There were a total of 721 '96 RT/10's built. Only three colors were available: Black with silver stripe (231) red with yellow wheels & fender badge (166) and white with blue stripe (324). There were no white or...
  14. viperstoo

    Gen II Door Alignment

    Get it adjusted before it ruins the weatherstrip. DC list price for that is $375.00.
  15. viperstoo

    Any BBS LM or Gen2 wheels for sale?

    FYI - the BBS LM's are two piece wheels. The center is bolted to the one piece wheel section.
  16. viperstoo

    Sill Corrosion Repair

    FYI: I went through this process a few months ago. Although my sills did not have total penetration of the metal they had extensive pitting in many places under the insulation. After stripping the inside to bare metal I applied two coats of high temperature marine epoxy (good up to 450...
  17. viperstoo

    cats and insulation question

    I could write a book outlining what I went through to "fix" the sills on my '95 RT/10 and '97 GTS. Some good things and bad things and what finally seems to have worked. If you want to give me a call I'd be happy to discuss this with you. 863-709-1212. Buck Walsh, Lakeland, Florida.
  18. viperstoo

    Sidesill removal

    Another "device" to use to remove the plastic plugs is a door handle removal tool (from the old days) that slides under the plug nicely and squeezes the tabs allowing the plug to be removed. No damage to the plug or tabs so they can be reused. I also put three strips of masking tape around the...
  19. viperstoo

    Side sill repair

    Thanks, their site only shows Gen I sills and I need Gen II so I'll give them a call to see if they have added Gen II's to their offering. Thanks again, I really appreciate all the responses.
  20. viperstoo

    Side sill repair

    I would like to keep the original sills since the car is a low mileage, totally stock '97 that I've owned since day one. However, I don't want to have to pay the BIG bucks for new aluminum sills so I would consider glass ones if my orginals can't be repaired. Do you know who made the glass...
  21. viperstoo

    Side sill repair

    I did call Chuck Tater and discussed the shop(s) in his area. Chuck was very helpful and I could ship mine to NY but he suggested looking in the local area first because of the problems with shipping (proper packing, possible shipping damage, etc). As Chuck said, you don't want to take a...
  22. viperstoo

    Side sill repair

    It's a '97 and has no rivets or anything attached that would be a dissimilar metal causing corrosion. The closest thing in proximity to the sill is the "foil" that encases the insulation but it is not in contact with the sill. I also have a '95 that I've owned since new and I had one side...
  23. viperstoo

    Side sill repair

    I removed my right sill cover yesterday because of the "normal" corrosion problem near the front. I have two spots where the paint has bubbled. However, after I removed the insulation from the inside I found several locations that were beginning to corrode. Question is, how much damage is too...
  24. viperstoo

    Price for Wheel alignment?

    My experience is in line with what Jack B posted. My cost was $588.00 and was done at a Dodge dealership by Viper Tech.
  25. viperstoo

    Show me your lift..

    I've had mine since Vegas VOI and use it for parking two vipers and also use it as needed for servicing everything that I own. It is a Double Park brand, made in Kansas, and is excellent quality. I've had no problems.