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    Coronado speed week car show tickets?

    Is there anyone hosting the Viper club in the car corral for speed week at Coronado this weekend. It is my father's favorite event of the year and he loves taking one of my Vipers in to show and watch the racing. If any club Viper or not has tickets and does not mind a Lime green ACR in sitting...
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    Matte finishes

    This is the go to way on most exotic cars. It takes a wash much better, if you get wax on i you can strip it off real quick and it will not rub shiny or take hand oils. Not cheap but still cheaper then the matte paint job from the factory as a option.
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    TPSM reset at home?

    That may be a plan, I am going to have Todd at AC go through the car before I hit Leguna in a month or so. I need to get the fire suppression system installed and get the seats lowered as well at the same time.
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    TPSM reset at home?

    Well since I don;t have a DRB III and they are about 3K now on eBay can I just bring the sensors into dodge and have them programmed there. ViperJeff, its just a pressure vessel at the correct PSI for the sensors to be fooled. Its just called the pipebomb by most people online because that is...
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    TPSM reset at home?

    I need to swap my street tires and slicks out a good bit. Is there any way to reset the TPSM sensors at home. I have new sensors that are not linked to the car. I am seriously not happy about the constant bonging noise coming from the dash. The way I have gotten around this in the past is...
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    How smart is it to buy a used Viper out of state, site unseen...

    Going to second running from Chicago motorsports if you find a car there. I have bought three sight unseen but all times with a inspections. I will tell you the best money you can loose on a car is a inspection. If its good piece of mind is great and you would want the car looked over anyway b...
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    First time Viper owner in SoCal

    I got my first Viper around your age as well. From one not so young guy to you, take the car to the track and do some more DE days with it. I came over from a GT3 to a Viper back at your age and even with a lot of track time the Viper took some getting used to. Not bad but just different. Were...
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    hennessey 700r ECU? Need quick answer

    This car has the stock ECU included according to the seller. That is a easy swap but I am assuming that it will throw a code with heads and cam's. Tlaking with todd at AC tomorrow if I can get ahold of him to see if he knows if it will pass. Hennessy says it will not run without there tuned ECU...
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    hennessey 700r ECU? Need quick answer

    Really dumb question. Does anybody have the Hennessy 700r "Package". Big air quotes. Since cardude sneaked the White red ACR out from under me there is one for sale in Texas with 3000 miles that is close enough. It has headers and high flow cats which I would have to convert back to...
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    Picking up a used ACR...woohoo

    You bastard!:drive: Been trying to buy a white black red car for like a year, just saw it this morning and txted the seller. If you don;t like that car you sell it right back to me OK.
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    How much can a get a Gen 5 for?

    I think for a basic SRT 65-70K with no stories is not out of the question. With the ACR out some of the tracked cars might show up used and cheap but with small cosmetic issues under that privately. 60Kish is still the prevailing rate for a low spec car at dealer auction. Figure at least 5K in...
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    1 of 1 ordering questions

    Viperjeff I kept typing in SRT that was why I was finding the old builder. Looks looks like I cannot do the ACR in exactly the color and paint combo that I want on the site with the wing stanchions painted with the stripe. I think I will call woodhouse and see if the car can actual be built...
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    1 of 1 ordering questions

    Do you know if there a builder online for the 2016s or when it will show up. It looks to me like can just order a stripped out acr cheaper then the 1 of 1 at least on paper.
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    1 of 1 ordering questions

    Local dealerships are just idiotic when it comes to the 1 of 1 program so asking you guys these questions. Web site only have 2015 car options on it as well. 1 of 1 starts out as a SRT / GTS / GT model. Can I order a car from a out of region dealer that I have bought used from before...
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    What's the lifespan of a GenIV engine?

    There are SRT-10 Rams with Gen III motors almost in the 200K range now. These motors can take a serious beating, if you treat them well they will last a good long time.
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    Custome Gen4/5 S/S Header Build

    That is almost too pretty to bolt onto the car. I have never seen a 5 tube flange like that it must have cost a fortune to have made with the inner peak.
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    Rebate on ge 5 coming this week

    25K right and you can maintain Gen 1-V I imagine they are not hurting on that one. The dealer that used to service my gen III when it was in warranty never sold a Viper as far as I know.
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    Rebate on ge 5 coming this week

    I got offered a 13 GTS with 142K or so MSRP at 104K so its definitely happening. There are no 85K SRT like have been posted here in the 13's, or least in my searches for one without stripes and minimal options I have yet to come across one.
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    I have yet to see one at that price and I have been looking. Couple things keeping me from upgrading. The dealership experience is terrible locally. There are no special finance rates available which is painful when say Audi will do 0.9% on a used R8. They keep making more and more...
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    How many you guys got Warranty?

    06 Vert I bought it the next 2 did not. If I find a solid gen IV that I like I will pass again. If you keep them mostly stock they are seriously under stressed cars
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    2015 Z06 specs leaked 620hp/650tq

    Recertification of the motor is where the cost is. Tuning and inhouse work at least on something as low production as the ACR could be is negligible.
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    Rebuild cost on Gen-3 motor

    If I need help having the motor pulled and reinstalled I might have them do it. Dan did the motor swap in my last viper . Its a timing thing for me, work has been abjectly crazy lately. My wife is pulling for another Viper truck though something that she can drive during the week and can pull a...
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    Rebuild cost on Gen-3 motor

    And I can rebuilt a Chevy 350 for 1K in parts if I had to which would make more sence to build a track car around anyway. Its all relative in the long run.
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    Rebuild cost on Gen-3 motor

    That't about what I was thinking. Just needed to have a reasonable idea of it before I made a offer.