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  1. Lobotomy

    Cool cars that s u c k to own...........

    IMO.. The cons on our Gen2 cars are the dwindling supply of water pumps and headlights....among a few other parts... $1,000 water pumps and $5,000 headlights will soon make these not repairable. I am hoping the aftermarket steps up in some way.
  2. Lobotomy

    Needing a full and proper 01 Viper 4 wheel alignment in Northern Indiana

    Looking to get new skins put on the girl and before I do I need to have a proper Viper alignment. Bad wear on the inner front tires demands this. Anybody have a recommendation for Fort Wayne to Indy area? Also checking tire prices for the best deal!
  3. Lobotomy

    01 Headliner repair question

    I have an 01 RT/10 and of course the headliner is sagging now. Where can we buy the plastic push-in clips used in the headliner? Does anyone have a source for these if I go this way and use the original style material? My other thought was to source the Cognac leather or at least as close as I...
  4. Lobotomy

    WOW! Rude Viper Owner

    It is not uncommon with people who have inflated experience, I did not turn the other cheek but paid it forward...early morning drive to a cars and coffee and stopped for a water break...was leaving a big rest park and a prowler club had arrived as I was leaving with about 10 cars...
  5. Lobotomy

    Want to add stripes to my 01. Need specs

    That is exactly where they got the idea from....pretty obvious from this angle.
  6. Lobotomy

    Want to add stripes to my 01. Need specs

    I did the same with my 01 sapphire.
  7. Lobotomy

    Driving in the rain with K&N filters

    Is getting caught in the rain a bad thing with these filters? I have been caught 3 or 4 times in very heavy downpours and didn't pull over...just kept on trucking. Granted, I am not dipping into the throttle any for fear of doing my best ski jet imitation but I have never experienced any driving...
  8. Lobotomy

    Joining in the Fun

    Sounds like my story! Purchased my 2001 RT/10 about 2 months ago and it had 16,000 miles on it. I thought how can you not drive a car like this? In 2 months me and the lovely wife have managed to put 3,000 miles more on the car. Many long drives to a nice restaurant on the weekend or a small...