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    Viper Tech in North Houston

    Black Venom, I manage the Service/Performance Division at ViperExchange at Tomball Dodge and live right down the road from you in Montgomery. Small world :) My Cell number is (936)525-0036 . Give me a call this evening or this weekend and we'll figure out how to get the car over to Tomball...
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    Viper Exchange Stage II heads/cam in the 9's!!!

    Thanks guys! It's been an awesome package to work on. Yes it's been out for awhile and we've installed 23 sets at ViperExchange with 3 cars lined up for fresh builds as we speak. You can email me at [email protected] for more info. Andy
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    [VID] Ralph laps Pitt Race in Storm with our new ViperExchange Suspension Package.

    Re: [VID] Ralph laps Pitt Race in Storm with our new ViperExchange Suspension Package If you guys have any additional questions feel free to email me at [email protected] Andy
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    [VID] Ralph laps Pitt Race in Storm with our new ViperExchange Suspension Package.

    I wanted to post this Video that Ralph sent me from his Friday trackday at Pitt Race with our new dampers on Storm. Quick disclaimer, Ralph was my first customer for this setup, he paid full retail, and installed these on his personal car, and I greatly appreciate his time and energy during his...
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    VCA Hellcat Raffle

    TX Viper Roundup is for Vipers not Pony cars ;) Then again, weare speaking Texan so you might have been using the term "roundup" generally lol.
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    Banned Users

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    Banned Users

    Holy **** I'm un Permabanned lol. Just posting to prove that ViperJohn is correct on my account. ps See some of you guys at the Roundup. Andy
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    Does anyone know this car?

    Yep I can't post anything anywhere on the forum without it being moderated, except for the Houston area for some reason. So do I get a refund from the VCA at the end of the year for not being allowed to us the forum because I don't like the National Pres?
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    Does anyone know this car?

    I do not, but was checking it out on their site the other day. Love the hardtop and Twins. Edit, where the hell did my signature and Avatar go? Lol here one day gone the next.
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    Monday we find out who is faster at Laguna Seca, ZR1 or Gen V

    jvp just lost any and all credibility if he is trying to claim that the ACR record was in anyway not legal. Tomball Dodge is literally right down the road from me and the cars that were taken over there were straight from the showroom floor.
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    See you tomorrow guys, Troy I will be there until about 9:45 ish or so and have to head back to Montgomery to help with a few things. Mrs. FLATOUT is getting to be very pregnant now :)
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    I'd send you a pm detailing the sensitivity but I'm not able to send pm's anymore either. I will be at cars and coffee though if anyone wants to chat;)
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    My account is being moderated, my pm's have been turned off, and my avatar is gone as well for whatever purpose that serves lol.
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    Which Headers are best?

    Absolutely LOVE my M&M's.
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    lol just stating why I wasn't attending. Didn't mean to get anyone mad enough to moderate my account here or delete what I posted. It was more to let our local guys know why I wasn't planning on attending.
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    F1 Party at Rob's!
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    [PICS] Coupe Rear Complete [PICS]

    Thanks Joe! Thanks Michael, I'll be in College Station most of the weekend but should be back on Sunday.
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    Window Regulator -GEN 3/4 Archilles Heel

    Agree, completely rediculous.
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    Might give you a ring on Sunday actually if you're in town.
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    Annual Holiday Party on December 8th

    Won't be going either.
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    08 ACR Listed For Sale

    Absolutely or ACR clone.
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    08 ACR Listed For Sale

    NOT an ACR. I hate it when people do this. If you want to advertise it as an ACR you should have bought an ACR.
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    Verts with Coupe Rear Conversion pics thread!!

    Sorry been too busy driving and enjoying mine:D. Forgot how much I enjoy driving this thing. Got the car inspected and put about 80 miles on it today. Now it's time to get ready to watch my Aggies take on Bama.
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    Interest in my ADV1 wheels?

    Nspec the owner of ADV (Jordan) is the guy that ran 360 into the ground a few years ago. ADV blanks come from the same forger as 360's so literally the only difference is the style and marketing; period. Jordan is an incredible marketer, and salesman when he owned 360 he got people to pay 9k...