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    T56 tranny parts

    Would anyone happen to had the short stub shaft from a t56 in the rear tail housing. Or the one piece counter balance shaft that replaces the two piece? I don’t have the one piece part number but I do have the small stub shaft number for the two piece. It’s T035501007. Having issues in Canada...
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    Recommended Tires

    Toyo R888r have been the best tire I’ve had on my 2000 RT/10. Had the BFG, Michelin’s and never been able o drive 130km on wet road without the back feeling loose. These stick and I’m getting good wear on them. Last summer drove 15000 km and may be worn down had ways from new. I also run the...
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    Getting upgrades 2000 RT/10

    Thank you! Greatly appreciated.
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    Getting upgrades 2000 RT/10

    Sorry. Auto correct. moog
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    Getting upgrades 2000 RT/10

    They are one of the rare colours. I have one up here in Canada that colour. Fidanza light weight flywheel with replaceable friction discs made the car rev up faster. Noticed a big difference with it. quick question. Did you replace all ball studs upper ad lower front and rear. Not having much...