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    Least Expensive Gen 5?
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    My Observations about VCA - This is NOT Good

    I found a spy shot of the next VCA / VPA raffle car!
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    The Ring record will be out of reach by the time the ACR (if ever) comes out. The McLaren P1 will put it out of reach. McLaren has sold more of those (@$1.15M) then Viper has sold Gen V's. I'm sure SRT will go for volume of track records no need to ever focus on the Ring again. Put the energy...
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    New Gen V for $500 over invoice
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    Be Careful With Your GoPro etc

    Let's hope the VCA dosen't post the raffle video then....
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    Let's get to the bottom of this raffle thing. ( I didn't buy tickets cause red is not my fav color, no offense to those that love it .....just not my color) If you are truly upset then man/woman UP & do two things. 1. Contact your Credit Card Company .... ask for your money back & investigate...
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    Boat is better choice. "12 miles out there is no doubt" probably took some some friends along too.
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    Wasn't done in Washington according to these rules 60 days to get Lic in OR so out.. MT is out (nothing across state lines) Can't mess with...
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    VCA Raffle car just arrived at Woodhouse!!!

    Well if it's not drawn at Woodhouse as it says above.... I don't see why CC companys wouldn't refund money with what is shown in post #43 as proof. Credit card fraud then?
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    Guess I'm not the only one up late Saturday night

    Glad I'm not smart enough to be stupid .... This is better than any reality show.
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    Polishing work Al Reed in Anaheim. No website cause he has so much word of mouth biz he dosent need no stinking website
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    Next From Motor Trend... Greatest Drag Race

    The car can launch... SRT says so right here. We the Viper Nation need to come up with better excuses......
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    Next From Motor Trend... Greatest Drag Race

    Next time leave the damn radio alone and put in!
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    Where is Waldo ?? or the viper ??

    Its the one with the missing hood vent
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    How to use Launch Control
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    Wait for it.... wait There it is! This thread is soooooo much cooler now!