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    Honest feedback on this wing choice

    Not a fan, that wing doesnt fit the lines of your car and its insanely big. I put the ducktail spoiler on my convertible and its all the rear wing a convertible should have, imho.
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    Car Nickname

    Well, when I bought my 06 I got a license plate that said SNKYPT before it hit me that my gen was actually fangs...I so love Sneaky Pete and will own one of those gens too and I will have a STRYKER as I (d)evolve into gluttonous excessive behavior...?..but I digress... and I renamed my black...
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    History and Viper Ownership

    Wow, what a fun topic, so far these are great stories and Id love to hear more, I hope mine doesn't sound dumb....back in 95 I got out of the USAF at Whiteman AFB and stayed in the local area of Warrensburg, a college town. I was in college there and I had a towny roommate that was friends with...
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    Tire/rim/conversion options

    Hey Eaks, I've got 19/20 offset Forgeline on my 06, maybe that'll be a size you're more interested in.... The ride is terrible, hotrod haywagon, but it is a Viper.....the profile of the car is meant to host the wide tire footprint and the lower profile meat just adds to the sweet sweet gluttony...
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    Alright... come on now with the ridiculous word censoring!

    Why are you censoring to begin with? We're all grown folks on here, if somebody says something flaming against another then I get the concern. But come on, censorship is just a tool of the liberal agenda and anyone playing into that really should be ashamed of themselves. There are some helpful...
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    Brand new oem Dodge Viper rattler wheels

    Silver, black, ?????
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    How to remove shifter knob & shaft?

    Maybe someone can help here, I bought a shift ****, just the ****, I actually thought I was getting the whole thing, shaft and all. But, all I got was the ****, an adapter thread, and a set nut. It came from Speed Dawg Shift Knobs, but I don't think this thing is correct. Before I...
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    Price Drop on my 2005 Viper sale

    Sorry to hear about your back, the same issue might force me to sell my roadster....I f ING love driving it but after 200 miles this last weekend it'll take til next weekend for me to walk right again, but damn, what a ride. I rip mine around here and there when I can and I where I can but I'm...
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    Lip Splitter for 2006 SRT, carbon fiber accents, trunk lip addon

    I'm mainly just interested in adding to the look of the car. I don't track it and barely break a 100 when I do lay into it. I will check out Autoform, thanks for that suggestion!
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    Lip Splitter for 2006 SRT, carbon fiber accents, trunk lip addon

    Anyone installed a lip splitter for the front end of their SRT? I'm looking for suggestions as far as supplier and ease of installation. I kind of want carbon fiber and I would also like to accent the side dams with carbon fiber, curious what would be best and where to get them. I see plenty of...
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    Great response Dan, thank you for the input. I will keep you posted of any findings, I should be back in the shop next week with it.
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    Hello Dan, I have a 2006 SRT and when it's cold I grind gears going into 3rd and 4th, not really bad, but a little grind 90% of the time. When the motor is warm it doesn't do it at all. My mechanic said it could be just the trans fluid, but, I just had him change it and it actually got a little...
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    Umm, used em on your #[email protected] on you this a Viper forum, quit cursing and show some class pal.
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    Quietest 3" exhaust?

    Shove some bananas up in there, saw it once in an 80s movie on smaller pipes, killed the car but maybe it'll do the job for you.
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    Personalized plates

    Just got my first Viper, 06 convertible, and I got a personal plate, SNKYPT, which I found out afterward was the Gen 1/2 and my gen 3 is "fangs" not sneaky Pete. Dangit, i love Sneaky Pete, ive lusted after Vipers since 94, has since been my one and always dream car. Should I change it? Should I...