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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    Good catch! My friend was driving it, I was behind it in a rental car with my GoPro attached, and he was on the wrong side of the road so that I could get the shot. Then I flipped it!
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    Thanks Golfer15! I took a road trip from TX to Sedona AZ in Oct. Long trip in a Viper but the payoff was well worth it!
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    Long drives in a Viper

    Took my Gen 3 on a road trip from San Antonio to Sedona and back in 5 days this Oct! Loved every minute of it. I'm 6'2" and the only thing I missed was cruise control, but you quickly get over that and just drive!!!
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    Dash Cams?

    GoPro all the way!
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    Coupe Rear Done

    INCREDIBLE!!! I have been passively watching your progress on this and the final product looks better than I could have even imagined! If I keep my white Mamba long enough this mod is definitely on my list. All you mods have come together nicely. Well-done.
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    Photo ops in Phoenix

    Just to close the loop on this old thread, a friend and I have finally got our schedules together to take this trip! We will be leaving San Antonio on the 15th, we'll spend the night in Albuquerque, the next day and night in Sedona taking plenty of pics (stills and GoPro video), up to Monument...
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    Thanks...see you there.
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    Hey Troy. I sent you my cell # in a pm. I should be able to meet the group at 9:30.
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    Sounds good to me! Should I try to make it in early enough to meet the group at James Coney Island? Never been but I can find it.
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    That might be even better! No professional to have to work around and we can take as many pictures as we want. I know my way around a camera a little bit. I'll do my best to make it. Also, I have a GoPro camera so if we do go to lunch afterward, I can take some "rolling shots" as we drive and...
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    Vipers needed for Viper Sailboat photo shoot!!

    I'm in San Antonio, but my kids were looking for an excuse to go to the Galveston Seawall to check out the new amusement park. I might be able to bring my Mamba out for the photoshoot and the rest of the crew would come in the Magnum. Do you know if we would all get digital copies of the...
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    Ralph and the Gen V visit a Cancer patient in Texas

    Very sad news. He was an outstanding young man. God bless him and his family. Perspective indeed...
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    Ralph and the Gen V visit a Cancer patient in Texas

    The South Central Texas Viper Club teamed with The SRT Group and the "Your Ride is Here" Foundation to give Freddy (a 17 year old Cancer patient and Viper lover) the ride of a lifetime in the 2013 Gen V Viper! Ralph was there and couldn't have been more gracious!!! The logistics required to...
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    Trunk locked closed help !!!

    Hate to be a tag-along, but I too would like this info PM'd to me. Thanks in advance! It would be priceless if needed...
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    Gen V 3D model by Humster3D in Creative Crash

    Didn't see these posted anywhere yet...
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    GEN V VERT in Blue with ADV wheels...

    Looks like the pic has been removed. Can anybody re-post it please?
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    New PS of Srt "Vert"

    EXACTLY!!! I've owned 7 convertibles and automatic tops are overrated. They are often problematic, add lots of weight, and extremely costly to fix! Love the manual top on my Gen III though--simple and effective.
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    VOI 12

    Trying to decide whether I'm going or not and if so, am I flying in or driving? I know its still aways out, but have plans for a Texas caravan started to form?
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    "Show and Shine" Car show in June

    I should be able to make that one...
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    Snake Eyes headlight covers

    ...and for white cars with gray stripes! ;-)
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    Snake Eyes headlight covers

    I'm in! I agree it wouldn't be something used daily, but I could see popping them on for a photoshoot or a car show. The mock-ups look great IMHO

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