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  1. green_rt10

    Jump Start a Gen 1 Safely

    Awesome, thanks for your advice, Steve! I really appreciate your time and explanation of the process. I'll give a shot.
  2. green_rt10

    Jump Start a Gen 1 Safely

    Hey, all, My Viper is kept in a storage unit, and I've kept the battery in good stead by driving the car at least once every two weeks. Got delayed this time, missed a week, and the battery is dead. Turn the key, and nothing. No cranks. I'm thinking about changing the battery, as I'm not sure...
  3. green_rt10

    Texas Emissions test

    All of TX has safety tests, and some spots have emissions tests as well. Looks like OP lives in Austin, which is one such spot.
  4. green_rt10

    Heater Core Issue

    Hey, all! So, I think I might have a heater core leak. Not seeing any coolant leaks anywhere, but I'm smelling coolant when the A/C or heater is engaged. I noticed this a few days ago and haven't had time to dig into the engine bay at all. How long do you think I have before I have a serious...
  5. green_rt10

    Looking for Viper Tech in Puget Sound area

    Hello! I used to live in the PNW, and your post makes me miss it. Chase Race in Duvall, WA has a great reputation for sports and race cars. You might give them a call if you are local to them. I have a 60k mile RT/10 that has needed some stuff. I know this worry well. Hang in there! You'll...
  6. green_rt10

    Need Some Maintenence Help with '95 1st GEN

    Glad to see this car being sorted! I'm new to Vipers, too, so I'm not much help. However, I did want to mention that panel gaps are generally tricky with these cars, and the headlights often show a gap between the lens and the corresponding cutout on the hood. These early cars were essentially...
  7. green_rt10

    Corsa on a Gen 1

    Hello, Though Corsa doesn't make systems for Gen 1 Vipers, I've heard of folks adding Gen3/4 Corsa exhausts to their Gen 1. If you have done this, I'd love to hear about your experience—both during installation and your driving impressions. Thanks!
  8. green_rt10

    Transmission Repair Questions

    Thanks, Steve and Dean! I appreciate the thoughts. I'm going to mention these ideas to the shop. Unfortunately, the car's sans its transmission right now, so I can't drive it away to solicit another opinion directly. But, it may not be a bad idea to ask another Viper shop what they think is...
  9. green_rt10

    Transmission Repair Questions

    Hello, I have a semi-involved transmission repair question. Well, a few of them. I bought my ~60k-mile 95 RT/10 just over a year ago, and I ended up rebuilding the transmission in April due to worn synchros (first evidenced by reverse popping out). During the work, they told me it looked like...
  10. green_rt10

    Headlight Lens

    Yeah, I guess we probably aren't there today, but the good news is that tech becomes cheaper the longer it's on the market. So, I'm hoping the tech can end up making this job workable -- and, later, affordable enough for us mortals to utilize. In the meantime, I stay far behind the next car at...
  11. green_rt10

    Headlight Lens

    Rooting for @plasmadyn on this. I'd think that someone could make new headlight lenses in this age of 3D printing.
  12. green_rt10

    Brake Light Question

    @GTS Dean, I agree: it's totally raw, which I really love. I've only ridden in a GTS Coupe, but my limited experience suggests there's a decent difference between the first two gens.
  13. green_rt10

    Gen 1 bumper cover

    I believe they are interchangable parts, but their shape/styling varies a bit. The Gen 1's lower edge/chin is rounded while the Gen 2 is more angular. If that is okay by you, then it should work just fine.
  14. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    Great stuff, everyone. A doctor's visit revealed that I have something minor going on with my left ear. So, I'm hoping the drone issue will be resolved with some decongestants. That said, I didn't know you could adapt a Corsa to a Gen 1 car. That is very, very tempting.
  15. green_rt10

    Brake Light Question

    Hey, thanks for the reply! It's the brake lights. All three light spend time illuminated when I'm not braking, but it's intermittent. It could be due to bumps, but it seems to mostly occur on highways, which are fairly smooth.
  16. green_rt10

    Brake Light Question

    Hello, Holiday weekend project time: my wife has noticed that my 1994 RT/10's brake lights stay on intermittently (most often at freeway speeds, for some reason). I don't notice any change in the car's acceleration, so hopefully the brakes aren't actually engaging. I have already replaced the...
  17. green_rt10

    New Gen 1 parts are being made!!!

    This is very exciting! Glad to see Gen 1 parts being produced. Thanks for sharing this link! I will need to get some door pull cups and "door panel window clip thingies" at some point.
  18. green_rt10

    New Gen 1 Stanchions are now available

    That's awesome! They look really great, @99RT10GTS . I'm glad to know rare parts like this are being recreated!
  19. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    Some good stuff to try. I believe that Corsa only makes exhaust systems for Gen II+. Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay away from 2k-rpm as I can, and that helps.
  20. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    So, an update: looks like I have a stock exhaust. I'm under the assumption that this is as tame as it gets (the consensus seems to be the stock exhaust is too quiet). Is there anything that might drone less than stock? This volume is totally fine. I'd just love a bit less 2k-rpm drone. Try...
  21. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    Thanks for that recipe, @99RT10GTS! Do you know how prone to drone that setup is?
  22. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    Good stuff, folks. Thanks! I think the next step is to take the rocker/exhaust cover panels off to see what's in there. Then, I can approach it with better info.
  23. green_rt10

    Gen 2 Transmission Noise

    Beautiful GTS! It's probably the synchros, unfortunately. I was recently in this situation myself and had to bite the bullet.
  24. green_rt10

    Gen 1 Drone

    Hello, all! I purchased my childhood dream car—a 1995 RT/10—in November (pic below) and have really been enjoying the Viper experience so far! It has a modified exhaust of some sort. I'm not sure what's in there, but the exhaust tips are 3.5". Unfortunately, it drones pretty badly at ~2k rpm...

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