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    Gen III heads on a Gen II

    This is my solution ;)
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    96 GTS out of Wellborn collection up for auction will set the market

    YES and nothing to do with mileage. There is rare 70's hemi-mopars in the market, price is high, nobody is asking about mileage.
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    2000 2001 Circuit diagram info

    What signal is in PCM connestor C3 pin 12 and 26 ? In 1999 pin 12 is automatic shut down relay output and 26 is fuel level sensor signal. Now i need info, is it same in 00-01.
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    Question on GEN II GTS build info

    60 red ACR in 2000 all has black interior
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    Question on GEN II GTS build info

    Some info here too:
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    Is there an ACR registery?

    Try this :) Works for me :)
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    RT/10 Stars in Music Video

    Viper was in Finland not Iceland an is totally crashed now :( Someone was trying to fly it and hit the barn....
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    Leak detection pump connector?

    It is -99 ACR Build date is March 01, 1999
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    Leak detection pump connector?

    Operation and testing of the LDP video :)
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    Leak detection pump connector?

    Yes, I have codes and front bumper is removed. Wires is like in this picture but in -99 service manual I can see that there should be one connector more?! Three wires. WT/DG, DB/GY and OR Is it wrong information in service manual??
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    Leak detection pump connector?

    I try to find leak detection pump connector.Pump is under left headlight but where is connector??? Wire colors should be WT/DG, DB/GY and OR . My car is -99 GTS
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    What could the problem be?

    I was racing 1/4 mile first time and have problems to shift 2 to 3. I make a search and find this thread....Nice :) Once i shift very hard and throw it in 1st. Rear tires locked up but i push the clutch fast and fix it. After i had read all yours good comments I'm sure that i need stiffer...
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    anyone have an acr with a picture of the harness

    Mine look like this. It's 99 ACR. Lock is red, as you see....sorry bad mobile picture :mad:
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    Yellow RT in the music Video by Darude - Feel the beat

    They use yellow Viper because it was one and only Viper in Finland when video was made :D
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    Ksxs Black - Dimensional Graphic

    Ok :headbang: It must be logo color. Front, side and rear. Thank you Sweet....
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    Ksxs Black - Dimensional Graphic

    Options by VIN# APAS Monotone Paint BA4S 125 Amp Alternator BCZS 650 Amp Maintenance Free Battery BRUS 4-Wheel Disc Brakes CB1S Driver Door Sill Storage Bin CDLS Manual Driver Lumbar Adjust CGWS Next Generation Front Air Bags** CGZS Passenger Air Bag On/Off Switch CKBS Floor Carpet...
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    Ksxs Black - Dimensional Graphic

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    Tracked my GTS! (NARRA pics too)+MORE pics

    Re: Tracked my GTS! (NARRA pics too) No suggestions on camber/toe :( It would be nice to have some ;)
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    How much play if any is there supposed to be on a gts acr?

    I think you have toe-out in frontwheels. Do like DWR46 says.
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    Correct tire pressure for 19" on gen1

    No hemmet.. Katoin kuvaa ja huomasin että autohan on suomen kilvissä :) Hienoa !!
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    Shared parts between Vipers and other brands.

    Jeep Wrangler TJ 01-02 Leak Detection pump is same in gen2
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    Radiator Fan Electrical Troubleshooting

    "Then here is where it gets weird. I disconnect my test wire from the chassis ground and simply short the two pins together (2 & 21) and fan kicks in to high gear! WTF!! Doesn't make sense." This is possible if ignition switch is not in RUN position. It may get some ground via fuses 9 and 11...
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    Tech Help needed - fans do not kick on.

    "You removed the fan relay and jumped it with a paper clip - works" OK Remove it again and chek relay pins 94 and 96. 94 must have 12V all the time and 96 gets ground from PCM if engine needs cooling.
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    Tech Help needed - fans do not kick on.

    Engine coolant temperature sensor includes three different sensor. One for gauge, one for PCM and one switch for warning light. Four wires, one is ground. I think problem is in sensor. PS.Grey connector in PCM. Pin 2 is Radiator fan and pin 21 is High speed radiator fan.
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    What electric box is this

    There is some text in the chips. What is it?

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