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  1. RandyM

    Texas Emissions test

    I live in Harris County, Texas, but I have 2 PCM's, one stock, one performance. The stock one passes emissions no problem.
  2. RandyM

    Insurance question

    Grundy or Hagerty.
  3. RandyM

    Houston Viper shops

    I use Viper Exchange, they have a Certified Viper Tech, Morgan, that knows what he is doing, and has been there for years. You may also want to join, we have several Viper events in the year.
  4. RandyM

    Paint Restoration North Houston
  5. RandyM

    Paint Restoration North Houston

    Also close to Kemah:
  6. RandyM

    metal viper emblem manual

    what year or generation?
  7. RandyM

    After 3 blown engines... Is the nightmare over?
  8. RandyM

    Gen1 interior trim screws?
  9. RandyM

    Gen1 interior trim screws?

    Is this what you have now...
  10. RandyM

    Replacement Key and Fobs for an 04 Viper

    I bought FOB's off amazon, but I had to take it and the original to a locksmith to get them programmed.
  11. RandyM

    Gen 5 intake manifold on Gen 4 Questions?

    I had one installed on my G4 ACR, the benefits are suppose to be larger ports, so better breathiing, higher performance, and cooler temperatures on the iontake.
  12. RandyM

    Gen 4 Seat Cover source?

    sent you a PM.
  13. RandyM

    Areas of SRT to inspect during purchase

    You really need to see it on a rack to check for leaking seals, oil and coolant lines, shocks. Take a bright flashlight. Check the windows and doors work well, and the deck lid latch. AC is working.
  14. RandyM

    Oil pressure rise time at start

    I'm having a build done now, the shop is installing this:
  15. RandyM

    XM Radio in all Gen 4 cars?

    This is the factory offered upgrade radio, came with navigation, Sirius radio, single CD player:
  16. RandyM

    Targa / Vert cover
  17. RandyM

    WANTED: Rear shocks (OEM blue)

    you can have the rears rebuilt, or upgrade them to some better ones. Check the Facebook pages for viper parts.
  18. RandyM

    Need Switch plate for Pedal Adjustment Switch

    If you can get the metal replacement one, that's the one I purchased for my gen 4. Did you try this link:
  19. RandyM

    New Viper owner with Questions- 2001 ACR
  20. RandyM

    Coil over install shop recommendations in Houston Texas

    The Viper Exchange in Tomball may be the only place in the Houston area with a certified Viper Tech. Contact Ashley for service help:
  21. RandyM

    Vin check please run your VIN above link, carfax for owner, updates and damage reports
  22. RandyM

    Oil Filter 2008 SRT can't tell if its in stock or not.
  23. RandyM

    Anyone know stock speaker impedance?

    I believe this is the sub speaker I used to replace mine in Gen-4: If you are a *** member: Sound proofing and Stock speaker...
  24. RandyM

    Vanity Plate Names

    I have this ordered:

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