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  1. Barry

    SOLVED: Passenger Side Window Only Goes Down Three Inches Then Stops

    Your issue sounds different than mine. My window would only go down about an inch and stop. I took off the door skin and found the issue immediately. The window guide brace on top of the door had come loose and was jamming the window. All I had to do was replace the nut and readjust the brace...
  2. Barry

    Door Hinge Wires

    I've had both door skins off mine, the door latch that had a broken wire, twice, (first time done by dealer, they said it was a faulty EEM; they lied I found their faulty work when the wire broke again). I discovered that the wiring is too short, so I pulled in new wire to make it longer and I...
  3. Barry

    Michelin Pilot Sport 5

    Jut sent them a note. You are right, if enough people request these tires, they may make them. For now, I'm running Toyo now, they are ok, but not very good on a wet surface and they wear very quickly.
  4. Barry

    2016 SRT Power Window Issue!

    These cars have a hinky wire loom traveling through the door. On my car I had an issue with the doors intermittently working, not working, then not working at all. It was a broken wire in the loom. There are a lot of wires in that loom and any of them can be shorting on you. I would check that...
  5. Barry

    power steering fluid

    Somewhere on this forum you can find information about that cap. A replacement is the same as a Jeep for a much less price. I don't remember what year Jeep, (I think 1978), but I do know that it fits perfectly. These cars have a habit of losing them and many people use a wire to secure them on.
  6. Barry

    New Battery and now I have no power

    My 2000 GTS has the key access in the glove box at the top of the box. This will do the trick.
  7. Barry

    Mechanic needed in NC - Greensboro area?

    I've been told that Hall Dodge in Verginia Beach has a good Viper mechanic, but I've never been there.
  8. Barry

    2006 Viper electrical malfunctioning

    The electrical systems in these cars are finicky, they don't like bad batteries at all and will most likely take your alternator out. The car will run just fine without an alternator for a little while, (until your battery dies). My 00 GTS had 24,000 miles on it when I replaced my dead...
  9. Barry

    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    I had a dealer do an alignment on my Viper and they screwed it up so badly that the car drove sideways down the road and the bump steer almost sent me into the next lane. I drove it up to Tator's Garage for a full reset of the alignment. They worked on the car for about six hours fixing what the...
  10. Barry

    New owner looking for tires

    I have a gen 2 and just replaced my tires from discount tires direct. I put a set of Nitto's on and I'm very happy. The trick is finding an installer that can handle a tire this big. I went to a mechanic that deals with large trucks and they had no problem. Tire Deals |. Wheel Deals...
  11. Barry

    Vanity Plate

    I've owned my car since 3/2000, (original owner). Yes I paid the $3,000 gas guzzler tax and I want my money back. The car is not an everyday driver, (for most). Mine has 24,000+ miles on it so how much gas has it actually guzzled? Compared to a Prius driven every day, I'm betting I've burned...
  12. Barry

    Clutch Issue with 2001 GTS

    Just guessing here, but check the clutch master cylinder.
  13. Barry


    It's always handy to post a picture of the car you are talking about.
  14. Barry

    P0432 @ 22,354 miles

    No just standard premium pump gas.
  15. Barry

    P0432 @ 22,354 miles

    The exact readout is PO432 Main catalyst efficiency below threshold. The car only has 22,354 mils on it. I'm having a hard time believing anything went bad, but there is the code.
  16. Barry

    P0432 @ 22,354 miles

    This code popped up with no other codes on my 2000 GTS. Efficiency for the catalytic converter on engine bank 2 is below efficiency, (passenger side?). When the car is driven it is driven, and not by a little old lady, so I'm wondering what is with this code and how to rid myself of it. Yes it...
  17. Barry

    Airbag Module Recall

    Been there, done that, great shop, nice people. It's been a few years since my last visit.
  18. Barry

    Question, tires for 94

    The tires on my stock 2000 GTS were replaced in 2008. My tires are old and I will not track this car until I get new tires. I took the car out early last spring and six blocks from my house some scumbag turns in front of me. I was only going 35mph at the time. The car slid a good 10 yards like...
  19. Barry

    Question, tires for 94

    Old cold tires are killers. They are like driving on black ice. You have no idea until you need to stop and then all hell shows up. Trust me; I have experienced this. If you must drive these tires make sure you get them good and hot before you trust them to do what you expect and then don't...
  20. Barry

    Stock engine 2000 running a 12.2s in 3400 DA

    My 100% stock 2000 GTS did 12.5 at Beach Bend and I had my vacation luggage in the back and the bra on the front and I was running pump gas and full street tires. Sorry but I'm not impressed with a modified ACR doing a 12.2. Let me know when you get into the elevens.
  21. Barry

    Viper Parts Rack

    Your car looks nice. What's the date code on those tires. I didn't think they were made anymore.
  22. Barry

    2002 RT/10 Door Gap

    The hinges on these doors are crap. I'm betting the hinge wore out and they adjusted the door to compensate. I have a similar issue with the passenger side door on my 2000 GTS.
  23. Barry

    1996 GTS door keeps popping open, and slow window roll down

    Viper doors are fragile. The hinge on my passenger door is shot to the point I can not align it properly. Time for a new hinge. I wonder where they stole that part from? The wiring going into the door is also fragile and tight. If any of the wires break your door will not work. As for the...
  24. Barry

    Another Door won't open Thread

    I hope things are going well with your repair. I've had problems with my drivers door form very early on, (2000 GTS). The first time was warranty work and they replaced the eem. The second time was out of warranty so I went after it myself; It wasn't the eem, the dealer ripped off Dodge. In my...
  25. Barry

    Door Actuator Problems ... where to get replacement or how to fix? ---

    I've had this happen three times over the past 14yrs. The first time was warranty work so of course the dealer replaced the EEM, (not really). The second time I was out of warranty so I did it myself and found that the dealer didn't replace the EEM just rigged the wires back together. I ran a...

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