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    looking for wheels 10 spoke

    also looking for some 10 spokes. if u guys have a set pm me asking too.
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    2003/2004 Safety Recall Notice

    I'm not letting the dealer remove the dash,
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    Painting calipers is like a colonoscopy

    Great job they look fantastic.
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    Painting calipers is like a colonoscopy

    Very cool, way better on a green car
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    Want Run Flats Used or New

    sounds like he may be trading in the car?? stock wheels need some tires?
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    2006 Coupe Blk/Blk possible odometer fraud

    black and 67k or 3k cmon really?? The paint will clearly tell the tale of which. My 5k mile viper has a few chips near the rockers Im sure at 67k they are blasted.
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    Factory radio replacement?

    maybe something like this?? I know this ones a bit lower end but im sure there is a better one made.
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    18k - too many miles?

    Im surprised when I was looking most dealers had cars at about that mileage. You did some really nice upgrades but the problem is on resale they don't add anything. I would place an autotrader ad and see what type of offers you run into. Try even to find a local dealer that can run the car...
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    Factory radio replacement?

    Personally I had done a crazy system in a c5 corvette(flame suit on) with a top line alpine dd nav, I had the bezel modified by a pro and would never do it again. It never fit 100% and bugged me everytime I saw it. I think the flip out or there are a few flip downs!
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    Back in a viper...

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    Factory radio replacement?

    I think the flip out is a great option
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    Factory radio replacement?

    cool radio, does the dash need to be modified.??
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    CTek...anyone use 7002 (vs 3302)?

    Great info, I was under the impression the 3300 would also bring a dead battry to life. I have charged a severly discharged battry tho. with it.
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    CTek...anyone use 7002 (vs 3302)?

    Ive used the 3300 for over 5 yrs and no issues
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    New mods for the 08 with pictures!!!

    very cool, looking at the bc colovers myself.
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    Let's see some recent pics of your Viper!
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    Off Topic, but could use help quick... Brake failure on 98 Astro Van

    bring the car to a qualified mechanic before you hurt someone.
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    Video of a bunch of 9 second passes.

    amazing!!love that run with the Porsche.
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    Charging question

    Get a ctek. One of the best chargers out there.
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    Charging question

    I have my charger lead come out near the wiper, its easy to to hook to the quik disconnect.
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    CD changer ate my CDs

    you prob jammed it, try discounecting the power and re connecting. maybe pull the fuse
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    Video of my car

    looks sick.
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    What do you guys think?

    yes your thread got jacked up, car looks like nicks? was this his car?
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    What do you guys think?

    Like what?? any coilover deals?

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