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  1. Viper Specialty

    Viper Mechanic in Tampa/St.Pete FL ???

    I am in Cape Coral, and do offer remote services for diag. I have gone a whole lot further than Tampa, ha. I would post my resume... but suffice it to say you would be hard pressed to find someone with more knowledge of the platform, and I do actually own a DRB3
  2. Viper Specialty

    Vibration Help

    You need to figure out the order of the harmonic vs engine or wheel RPM, as that will tell you what area to look in. Also of note, is that wheel issues can masquerade as other things depending on loads, wheel bearing play, etc. In any case, it sounds like a tough one- switching gears causing...
  3. Viper Specialty

    the engine won`t start

    Super old post... but the temp related issue, the fact it will "keep running" until stopped yet doesnt appear to stall... both point to electrical in the cam/crank position detection system.
  4. Viper Specialty

    Roe SC or twin turbo

    TT or Paxton... unless you enjoy tuning issues. Roe SC's are truly hit or miss. Either they are bulletproof by accident, or they are a disaster that never can be sorted out no matter what you do. Definitely go the Paxton or TT route and avoid being a casualty IMHO
  5. Viper Specialty

    reverse camera cabling - gen 3 convertible 2006

    Sirius sat radio connection
  6. Viper Specialty

    RPM Limit

    The oil pump will be your failure point. Get a high-rate logging system installed and you likely are already seeing the issues at 6K+.
  7. Viper Specialty

    Tire Pressure Sensor recommendation

    Worst case scenario, customers can send us their TPMS module on exchange, and we can send it back paired with sensors. It's a pain, but better than broken systems and dash warnings
  8. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    If you have Power and Ground, No Comms, No Fuel Pump Prime/ASD Relay Check... Module is dead and you are wasting your time on any additional diag at that stage.
  9. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    Just the PCM. Email me @ [email protected] so I can get all the info I need from you. Cost wise, there is absolutely no way I can tell you anything at all without seeing the PCM, but my guess is that it will be a mess of stories and tampering leading to a replacement given how long this...
  10. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    Send it here, and I can tell you what the story actually is.
  11. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    Oh, so what you're saying is you were gonna cut some decent bulk buyout prices? Cool!
  12. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    To reference Tommy Boy... "If you want me to shit in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will... I have spare time." Like I said, one of us knows what they are selling, the other is guessing. And that's fine, but the customer should be aware of the difference. And if you wanted unreasonable sums...
  13. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    Until you have the ability to bench test, diagnose, repair, remanufacture, reproduce, relfash, recover, alter programming, and supply VIN written and SRI accurate while reciting every single board level change that occurred between variations and their effect on actual installations...
  14. Viper Specialty

    Difference between PCM 96 and 98 ???

    Short version. The internals of 1996, 1997 and 1998 PCM's are all different. In fact, there are two 1996 hardware variations and they are not interchangeable either. I cannot recommend incorrect year applications. Buy the correct modules. We can supply them all, with warranties, and without...
  15. Viper Specialty

    Guidance on how to sell my Viper

    Guidance? Don't sell right now. The market is garbage, and you are likely going to be wasting so much time fielding idiots offering you 12 dollars, a rusty bicycle and some used chewing gum that you are going to be wondering why you are even doing it. Its not worth it.
  16. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    No, I meant that your entire situation was started over a fitting leak, which could have easily been replaced. But instead, hydraulic lines were replaced, which ultimately started your cascade of headaches. Lack of knowledge by both owners and vendors is responsible for literally 99% of these...
  17. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    You're a complete *****. Spending a boatload of money? STICKING WITH OEM AND KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING WOULD HAVE COST LESS THAN 100 BUCKS TO SOLVE ALL OF THIS FROM THE GET GO. But yeah, I'm the one costing people money by telling them to NOT do things or buy things they dont friggen need. G...
  18. Viper Specialty

    Viper specialists in swfl, fort myers area?

    Not set up yet for anything of the sort, but just moved to cape.
  19. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    Actually, you're about as anti-hydraulic as he is, so why don't you spend your time helping him out? I am waaaay over my allotted time for the month trying to save people from themselves.
  20. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    Simple, they all had overheating issues when not traveling at speed. And thats a RAM, with a HUGE radiator and ducting system. Actual numbers aren't published, but I would expect it in the 3500-4500 range. I would estimate you would be in the 1000-1250 range to fix it all properly, pending how...
  21. Viper Specialty

    Head Gasket Change

    Are you implying that you didnt have or didnt use the alignment dowels that were factory installed, to put the heads and gaskets in the correct position and keep them from moving?
  22. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    And then, you realize you are underestimating things again, like the fact that the fan based hydraulic pump volume and pressure differ from the standard version, both of which will change the steering dynamic and fluid temperatures. Not entirely accurate. A proportioning valve limits the rack...
  23. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    Yes, you are, and you will find out before this is over I imagine. If you are considering half-assed options like external fan controllers that are unable to properly determine actual PCM demands, AC status, etc, then sure, there are easier "generic" methods of doing it incorrectly. How can...
  24. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    The vast majority of those threads that I see, I post in to explain how ridiculous everyone is being. I have literally spent more time than I care to remember trying to get people to stop overreacting to what they dont understand when it comes to the hydraulic fan assemblies and the hydraulic...
  25. Viper Specialty

    Broken fan - What Now

    Youre severely underestimating this. You need to build a relay bank, add all the wiring, fuses, and everything else. NONE of it is there. The G3 Viper was never designed for electric fans. The fitment of a G4 module should be no different. they share the same radiator. I would estimate 40-50...

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