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    Attn: Plumcrazy

    Phil and I had 15 near misses the other day while driving to PA. I finally grabbed the phone and saw that he was posting the Alley!
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    Wrecked 98 GTS Blue/White

    True2Form Collision Repair Centers
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    Does Anyone Have This Harbor Freight Jack ?

    I was tempted, but Costco has one for $95 that looks nicer.
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    Top Gear USA

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    Building a new garage and FE was getting lonely

    Looks like garbage. Send the GT to my place, it would look better next to mine. :D
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    2010 Brochure

    You bought them? Bill P sent me one with my car.
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    Corsa + hiflo cats

    I did this on my '10. Mopar PCM, RT Hi-flows, and Corsa. It is louder and more "race car", but, my wife said my '05 with just a Borla cat back was louder, and it "shook the whole house".
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    VCA Membership question

    I upgraded to Venom in May.........................
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    VCA Membership question

    Let me piggyback here: Where the f#$% is my "Venom" status, and how does my new Viper purchase w/ free membership work?
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    Random Tech cat Failure

    I blame obama, and the libs CAFE standards. F#$%! Cats. P.S. I run RT.
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    Personal Window Stickers

    ViperJon, do you have something you'd like to get off your chest? I don't want you jumping off a bridge.
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    Personal Window Stickers

    So I got my new car, and this is the first time I've ever seen my name on the window sticker. Thus, I decided I wanted to frame it. I thought about bringing it somewhere and having it done, but I'd rather keep it where I can make sure it is one piece. So I looked on line and found a few...
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    Another FE Convertible now on the road!

    Woodhouse has one left! Coupe. Tell Bill I sent ya!!!
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    Thanks Woodhouse, Bill P. and Mark J.!!!!

    It's the "graphite gray" I forgot Dean Muhs too!!! He made it from NE, Monday afternoon, to NJ Tuesday night......crazy!!!
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    Thanks Woodhouse, Bill P. and Mark J.!!!!

    I know I put up a picture thread, but I have to say, I have never had a better car buying experience. All this from 1200 miles away. It's now very clear why you guys sell more Vipers than anyone!!! P.S. This set-up sounds nice and mean, thanks Mark!!!
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    My new FE Roadster

    Mopar PCM, hi-flow cats, Corsa cat-back. :D
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    My new FE Roadster

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    New 2009 Viper ACR pricing?

    Sounds like you tried Did you call the dealers that are part of that? I don't believe Woodhouse has any 09's left, but worth a call.
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    Anyone else still waiting for an F.E. to be delivered?

    Thanks Phil. I guess I can save a year of insurance on it.....
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    I now own a Viper

    Congrats. One of my favorite things was pulling up behind a car with a nice shiny black paint and seeing the reflection of my car's front end. It really is beautiful.
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    Commercial car wash

    I watch and if a storm is coming, I dump dish soap all over it. Don't forget the anti-spotting additive!!!
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    Reformed Porsche Owner Just Got Bit

    So true. I got mine from a VCA member for dirt cheap when I had my Copperhead. You can search and find ~1.5 Billion threads on Borla vs. Corsa. :D
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    whats it worth to you

    You have an '03 SRT-10, the trade-in is going to be mid 30's, then factor in tax. Set that as your lowest selling point, if you are sure you want a Gen IV. Personally, I drove a Gen IV, and owned a Gen III. I drove the IV to see how much of a difference there was and if I wanted to spend the...
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    Reformed Porsche Owner Just Got Bit

    Congrats!!! Sounds like you're in real upstate NY, and by the Sicilian comment, I'd guess the Utica area! Tough owning one of these up there (I grew up in that area), with one of these cars. 6 months tops, of driving... ENJOY!