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    Parts right side window switch.

    Rockauto has them available. They’re reboxed OEM parts too! Black (snakeskin-ish) bezel: WVE 1s14296 Silver bezel: WVE 1s14297
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    Big jugs of Mobil1 15W-50 at Wal-Mart

    Up to you what you believe or don’t; I posted that data after dissecting potential alternative filters back when the MO-041s were in short supply. Also keep in mind, oil filter relief valves work in differential pressure (i.e difference in pressure between input and output sides of the filter)...
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    Gen III Door Panel Repair

    That’s an intriguing idea. Is it known whether most regular damage occurs from glass impacting weather seals or cycling of the cables/rollers from use? I’d be curious to know more
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    Gen III Door Panel Repair

    I’ve had really good luck with SEM quick set 20 / 50 for various plastic repairs. The link below shows an example tab repair; but same basic idea.