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    RT/10 burnout video

    This was at Automotion in Wisconsin Dells this year. This guy comes ever year and burns through a set of tires. Plus it's fun to watch what the girls do after the tires blow.;). But I suggest anyone who's close come to it next year. There's a classic car show with 1300 plus cars, then a bar...
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    My opinion

    I've been reading all the post on the new viper since it came out. A lot of use either love it or hate it. But then there are those of us (like me) who are on the fence about this new snake. I believe those of use who truly love the viper as a car have to agree on that the main reason we love...
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    Introduction for Gen V / New York Autoshow / Group Ticket Purchase

    We are both in, can't wait to see the car that's going tom take up that empty spot in my garage!!!
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    Going to the track with my GTS any advice?

    My first set I had cracked, but I sent them back to Bear and they sent me new ones and they have not cracked and I check them after every event. I thought they were just a bad set but thanks for the heads up I'll have to make sure it docent happen again. But I'm sure they would have by now...
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    Going to the track with my GTS any advice?

    New brakes, drilled and slotted. New brake lines, flush and replace your fluids, tow hooks (just incase). A set of slicks and light weight wheels, five point harness, air duct to the brakes. And o ya HAVE FUN.
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    Fast N Furious!

    Saw it last night and loved it. But for anyone going to see it take your car because your going to want to drive when you get out of it. And what happened after the credits we let to early and didn't see.
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    Barret Jackson not such a good deal anymore..

    I was hoping to go with Bj insurance because of the rates I saw in these forums and my dad got a great rate on his cars. Then I wated for 3 weeks after I turned in my information for them to tell me they couldn't insure me because of my age. So then I tried Hagerty and the quote I got from...
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    My New Racing Shoes!

    Heres mine, and if you cant see what they say its, VIPER on the left shoe and 77 on the right.:2tu:
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    My New Racing Shoes!

    Go to nike they make custom shoes in what ever color you want. And you can put text on the back of what ever you want.
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    Who are the youngest people here to own a viper

    Dont now about everyone else but it was enough time to build up enough cash and credit to do both. And its a viper not a ferrari, if you buy used there not to expensive. Thats what make vipers one of the best cars out there, supercar performance for a 1/4 of the price.
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    Who are the youngest people here to own a viper

    Got mine when i was 20 after i purchased my first house. Now 23.
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    Tall guys: save my dream car for me...

    I'm 6'7" 295 lbs. And with a two inch lowering kit I fit just fine in my 01 and my fathers 09 acr. Just kinda trickie getting the lowering kit in the 09, but well worth it in the end.
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    For the big guys...

    I'm 6' 7'' and with a 2 inch lowering I fit in my gen 2 just fine. The only time it gets a bit tight is when I have a helmet on.
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    Can I put a Gen II ROE into my Gen I?

    I know I would have to order a 5 psi pulley but it is I great deal compared to a brand new one.
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    Can I put a Gen II ROE into my Gen I?

    Ok thanks, why did you pass on it?
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    Can I put a Gen II ROE into my Gen I?

    Well if you cant get it to fit let the seller know i've been looking for one to go on my gen 2. Just have him pm me if it dosent work out with you.
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    I was just wondering if anyone knew who won the car yet. Ive been trying to find results but i guess they dont post them right away.
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    The next VCA raffle is VoooDoo Edition #01!

    Alright thanks for the info.
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    The next VCA raffle is VoooDoo Edition #01!

    Thanks i will have to do that. But back to my original question, do we recive anything besides the recipt saying we payed to let use know that were in the raffle like tickets or something.
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    The next VCA raffle is VoooDoo Edition #01!

    Ya i dont now why it dosent come up as owner or member i enterd my member number and car vin and im still under enthusiest.:confused: And i recived my 2010 membership cards, events list, etc.
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    The next VCA raffle is VoooDoo Edition #01!

    after we buy tickets do we get our tickets do we get something sent to us or do you just put our name in a bin and pick the winner. Or is the payment recipt the only thing i get confirming i bought tickets.
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    Seat Lowering

    Does anyone know if they make a 2 inch seat lowering kit for a 2009 acr. I've been looking and am having no such luck.
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    Road & Track's 2013 Viper Mockup

    Even though Chrysler and Mercedes split a few years back this 2013 mock up looks very similar the new SLS from Mercedes.
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    Vanity Plate Names

    Mines SNK EYES