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    What's the weirdest comment you've heard?

    Re: What\'s the weirdest comment you\'ve heard? I got this one from a chick. I mentioned to her that the stock gear shift was pretty big but she said she could handle it.
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    Turn Signal Will Not Auto Cancel

    Thanks for the help. Hey carguy07, I was wondering if you did either the turn signal fix or the horn fix. If so I would love to see your finished product since you are so close. I'm in the Falls all the time. Let me know if you would be willing to show your car off. Thanks.
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    Turn Signal Will Not Auto Cancel

    I have a '99 roadster and I swapped out the steering wheel for a Momo. Now the turn signals wont turn off after I have completed a turn. The only thing I can figure is that the clockspring(which I removed compelety) was part of this function. Is there a way to fix the turn signals w/o the...
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    Pre-Oiling and Accumulator system packages- FEEDBACK PLEASE

    I would be interested, but my only concern are these so called "simple instructions". After reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that you know alot about this thing, but have found that sometimes people with a good working knowledge of something have a hard time dumbing things down...
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    ? About clay barring

    Do i need to wax(polish) after using a clay bar. I just washed and zainoed and then i realized that the surface was a little rough so i then used mothers clay bar. Its still shinnin pretty good but sometimes its hard to tell with a silver car and i was wondering if you guys recommend waxing again.
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    Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Crusie

    Is there a good place to park? I have been there before and had to park a mile away. Of course i always got there later on in the evening.
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    License Plate Surround?

    It is an even an older style than that, but it is(was)an MGW product. I got mine out of the classified section of this site because i really like this style as well, but i haven't seen any in a while. You may want to place a wanted add to see if there are any out there. By the way, there is a...
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    HELP! Engine oil overfill by dealer

    I had a Viper tech do the same thing to me. I used a oil extractor to get the extra oil out. If you can't get one at your local auto shop, Griot's Garage sells one that looks pretty good but you won't be able to drive until it comes in. Just a suggestion... hope it helps.
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    Sun Visors

    I saw them, and they do look good...However, they are now even bigger... If you take the cloth off first and then put the leather on, they actually come out smaller.
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    rear caliper covers, who sells them?

    Where did you find them. I don't see them on ZAF's website.
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    Painted cowl - picture

    JonB, Do you have a pic of the carbon-look one? Which do you think would look better on a silver car, painted or carbon, with vents?
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    Made the move today!

    Congrats! I'll be looking for you around town Keith. By the way, was it a local car? The owner of the old Hartville Dodge where I bought mine owned a green rt/10. He seemed like a pretty good guy.
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    Whatever happenned to the new tops

    I just ran a search and MadMaxx was working on a replacement soft top and so was prevnine11ownr. If anyone knows him try and get us an update. His seemed to be the more basic (emergency) type top, which is what I am interested in.
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    Whatever happenned to the new tops

    I remember about this time last year there were a couple of different guys trying to develop new soft tops. I thought an emergency top that took up less space in the trunk was a great idea. Was it not doable?
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    LAST CALL on louver group buy 92-02

    It sounds like the '01 and '02 owners are worried about the fit. Tell them about the moneyback guarantee and I'm sure you'll sell those 8 sets pretty quick.
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    Looking For Side Louvers for RT/10 and GTS

    Re: Looking For Side Louvers for RT/10 and GTS If someone can track them down I would be interested in going in on a group buy.
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    New Ohio Owner

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    Cats question before I start install

    I've got a set of R/T cats on the way that i believe are 3" in/out. I have a 3" cat-back system to install but my question is about the stock pipes going into the cats. What size are they and will i need some sort of reducer/expander and if so is there a prefab part that i can get somewhere.
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    Question for you stereo guys

    I'm going to install new speakers and a JL Audio 300/4 amp and i was wondering if I will need to have the speaker wire from the battery changed. The stereo shop I'm going to doesn't have a lift and i would rather not have them pull the wheel if i can get away with it. But on the other hand if...
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    HELP - Installation of mods

    Don't know if you have looked into Klaben Dodge in Kent but I have had their viper tech, Kevin, do some minor maintenence, oil changes, radiator flush and fill, that kind of thing, and he seems pretty competent. Theres usually at least one other viper there when i've been there so he gets his...
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    To all the Borla or Corsa exhaust owners

    I do have to get "e-checked" in my county. I'm looking into registering in another county to avoid this but I will probably go with cats anyway. Any suggestions on the "coolest" in temperature not looks?
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    To all the Borla or Corsa exhaust owners

    Since everyone is in the mood do talk about exhausts does anyone have an opinion on high flow cats? I have the mopar-borla cat-backs ready to be installed but would like some input on which cats to go with. While sound and ease of installation are issues, my main concern is heat to the sills...
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    RT/10,GTS Hybrid

    No, it didn't have a top, and it had the sport bar.
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    What Should I Do?

    I'm changing my exhaust to a mopar borla cat-back and i was wondering if there is anything else i should do while i have my side sills off as i have a silver roadster with the beginnings of yellowing. i was thinking of going to high flow cats. is this a solution and if so are there any...
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    RT/10,GTS Hybrid

    I get off the expressway by my house and see what at first glance was a gen II RT/10 with a custom white stripe(singular) and a rear deck spoiler. But after he passes i realize it has a gts rear. I followed him for a little while but couldn't figure this thing out. From the sport bar forward...